Theresa May’s ‘deal’ satisfies no-one: 4 important takeaways for Scotland

Theresa May has agreed to her proposed deal regarding Brexit with the European Union. However, the reality is the supposed ‘deal’ Theresa May has reached satisfies no-one and likely can’t command a majority in the House of Commons.



Here are 4 important takeaways from Theresa May’s deal for Scotland.

1. Theresa May didn’t even share the details with the Scottish Government, despite the fact she shared them with Gibraltar

Scotland was promised that it would be treated as part of a ‘Partnership of Equals’ in 2014, but time after time this UK Conservative government have proven that it was nothing more than a slogan.

Theresa May and her government ministers refused to share or discuss the details of the proposed deal with the Scottish Government, despite the fact they had already shared the details with the government of Gibraltar.

2. It is the worst of all possible worlds

The proposed deal would mean that Scotland would be outside of the Single Market but be having to compete with Northern Ireland, who would effectively be remaining within.

We already know that leaving the Single Market – which is eight times the size of the UK alone – would have a devastating effect on Scotland’s economy and cost jobs. Leaving the Single Market is not what Scotland voted for and it is wrong that the Scottish Government’s plan for a special deal for Scotland was refused by the UK Government, but agreed for Northern Ireland.

3. Scottish Tories are in lockstep with Theresa May

At the start of the day, Scottish Tories warned the Prime Minister that they would consider voting against her deal. However, but the end of the evening the ‘Cabinet’s man in Scotland’ David Mundell announced he would be backing the deal – regardless of the impact it will cause to Scotland’s economy.

However, this seems to just be in-keeping with the Scottish Tories constant flip-flopping when it come to Brexit.

4. This must not be a choice between a bad deal and a no deal

It is now more important than ever, that Scotland is not faced with the false choice between a bad deal, cooked up to mend the divisions within the Tory party, or a no deal.

Simply put, the deal on the table from Theresa May would be a bad deal for Scotland, dragging us out of the Single Market and posing a huge threat to jobs, investments and living standards.

SNP MPs will stand up to any recklessness from the UK government and demand a better deal for Scotland and the whole of the UK.