We need a united front against Theresa May’s chaotic government

MPs are returning to Westminster today for our final week in Parliament before the Christmas break.

But something that almost certainly won’t be happening in the next few days is a vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit proposals.

Inexcusably, Theresa May cancelled the vote due to take place last Tuesday, and now it’s clear the Tories are putting everything on hold until the new year.

May is guilty of stalling and creating more uncertainty for everyone across the country.

She is running down the clock to offer a binary choice of either her deal or no deal on Brexit – both of which would be disastrous for the UK economy.

This is a view the SNP share with the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and the Greens.

While each party hold differing positions, we share the common view that the Prime Minister’s deal should be defeated and that “no deal” should be removed from the table.

That’s why I am meeting today with Lib Dem leader Vince Cable, Liz Saville Roberts, from Plaid, and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, to discuss how we, as opposition parties, can work together.

We have also invited Jeremy Corbyn to join us in forming a united front against the Prime Minister’s refusal to give Parliament a say on Brexit.

May’s actions in recent weeks have been a dereliction of duty.

As I have pointed out during Prime Minister’s Questions – she lied to MPs about the legal advice the UK Government received on Brexit, and more recently, she has cancelled the important vote on her Brexit position.

She may have won support from her MPs this week in a humiliating vote of no confidence but her position remains untenable.

Today, May is due to address MPs in a House of Commons statement on Brexit, but there is wide expectation at Westminster that she will simply say her efforts on the Irish backstop – the guarantee of an open land border on Ireland – are continuing.

As Nicola Sturgeon said in an interview to Sky’s Sophy Ridge, we think Labour should table a “no-confidence” vote in the Prime Minister as there is a chance it could succeed – the UK Government are increasingly weak and unstable with each day that passes.

Even if the vote did not pass, it would help clarify Labour’s position. They currently say they won’t back a second EU referendum until they have tried and failed to trigger a general election. Failing to do so, however, leaves us in a catch-22 position.

It’s not right that the Houses of Parliament will close up for Christmas and MPs will travel back to their home constituencies while the future of the country remains so uncertain.

The SNP have met with the Lib Dems, Plaid and the Greens regularly over the past year to discuss Brexit, and I hope today the Labour leader will join us too.

No party can achieve a result that will deliver in the country’s interests working alone and I hope Corbyn will accept our invitation.

At this critical time, we must work together.

This article originally appeared in the Daily Record.