We can stop Boris Johnson

A UK general election is set for Thursday 12th of December 2019, and it’s more important than ever that people in Scotland make their voices heard by voting SNP.

The Westminster system has failed Scotland utterly, and Scotland’s voice has been disregarded throughout the Brexit process. At this election we must make sure Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear.

With so much at stake, this will be one of the most important elections in Scotland’s history. The SNP will put Scotland’s opposition to Brexit and our right to choose our own future as an independent nation at the heart of that contest.

Remember: at general elections, students are able to vote either at their university or their home locations. It’s worth checking where you feel your vote would have the most impact. Use your post code to search for your nearest Electoral office.

People in Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the one being imposed on us by Westminster. It's crucial people vote SNP so we can stop Brexit and protect Scotland's right to choose.
Mhairi Black

This is a crucial time to make sure your voice is heard at the ballot box. Here’s why:

Brexit has shown, once and for all, that Westminster isn’t working.

  • The UK political system is deeply dysfunctional and has ground to a halt due to Brexit. We need to make sure Scotland has strong representation to stand up for Scotland’s national interest.
  • Scotland’s place in Brexit Britain is damaging our international reputation and causing uncertainty to thousands of our European citizens. Voting SNP will demonstrate Scotland’s determination to take a different path.
  • A damaging no-deal Brexit is still a possible outcome. The UK government’s own report said medical supplies will be impacted and food prices will rise. Scotland must demonstrate its opposition to a no-deal.

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Promises made to Scotland during the 2014 referendum were never kept.

  • Scottish voters were told they could protect their EU citizenship by rejecting independence in 2014 – now we’re being dragged out of Europe against our will, quite possibly under a disastrous no deal scenario.
  • We were told by voting No we could build a more equal society across the UK. Now the United Nations says UK welfare policy is “tragic” and inflicting “great misery” on our citizens.
  • Labour said there was no need for independence because they would sweep to power and sort everything out – yet Scotland is now suffering its third Tory Prime Minister since 2014. Labour even seem to be working hand-in-hand with the Tories to try and defeat SNP candidates.

Voting SNP at this general election is a powerful way of showing Scotland’s opposition to a damaging no-deal Brexit. Most importantly it will be a vital time to make the case for Scotland’s future being in Scotland’s hands as an independent nation.