Yellowhammer Papers: what you need to know

The UK government has been forced to release new information on their no deal planning – known as Operation Yellowhammer – after being defeated in the House of Commons by the SNP and other opposition parties shortly before Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament.

Despite being ordered to hand over all information the UK government and its senior advisors had, in relation to a no deal Brexit, the UK government has choosen to release only a single document.

Here’s what you need to know about the consequences of a no deal Brexit.

1) UK government changed its Yellowhammer document to downplay consequences

Despite being told to release all information relating to its no deal planning, the UK government have released only a single document which turns out to have been edited beforehand.

The document released by the UK government said its analysis presented a “worst case scenario” however the almost identical document was seen by the Scottish Government a month earlier called the same analysis of a no deal Brexit a “base scenario”.

2) Medicine & medical supplies will be impacted

Significant distrubtions to the UK’s trade, especially through short Channel Straits, would make medical supply chains particularly vulnerable. Three quarters of UK medicines come through short Channel Straits, putting more pressure on medical facilities needs.

Delays to these supply lines could last up to six months after a no deal Brexit, meaning a number of medicial products will not be able to stockpiled by the UK government due to the length of time.

3) Food prices are set to rise – and UK government admits it will impact most vulnerable the worst

UK government anaylsis suggests that a number of fresh food products will be in shorter supply following a no deal Brexit and that people could be motivated into panic buying exacerbating disruption to the UK’s food supply.

The analysis also suggests this will lead to less choice for consumers, emptier supermarket shelves, and increasing prices – with the most vulnerable in society paying the price for the Tories’ extreme Brexit fantasy.

4) Energy prices are also likely to face price hikes

The Yellowhammer documents also confirmed that “significant electricity price increases” are expected for both business and domestic consumers in the short-term following a no deal Brexit.

Again, with price increases most likely to affect the most vulnerable in society the most.

5) Lorry delays at ports could last for days

The documents confirmed that disruptions at Channel crossings could last for up to three months before improving and that lorries could face maximum delays of up to two-and-a-half days when attempt to cross with goods.

6) Tourists to face delays and increased travel costs

Immigration delays for tourists at the Channel Tunnel, ferry crossings and airports are all expected according to the Yellowhammer documents.

The fall in the value of the pound has also made the cost of European holidays more expensive and, outside of the EU, we may need to pay additional charges for going on holiday too. The UK government has also confirmed that booking accommodation and flights could become more expensive, due to the return of the ‘rip-off’ booking fees.

7) The UK government is even expecting illegal fishing in Scottish waters to occur after no deal

Despite the UK government pledging that Brexit would result in full control of Scotland’s fishing waters, the Yellowhammer documents accept that following a no deal Brexit EU & EEA fishing vessels will likely continue to fish in Scotland’s waters – suggesting 100 vessels will continue to be active.

8) Redacted

🤔 Considering how disastrous the Yellowhammer documents are for the UK government, you have to be left wondering what the single section was that they chose to redact from the release.