Delivering a healthier Scotland

Our NHS is our most cherished institution and for as long as the SNP is in government we will work to protect and improve it.

There is no doubt that in doing so we will face big challenges over the next few years. People are living longer and our NHS is treating more patients than ever before.


Our action to protect Scotland’s economy post-Brexit

The SNP Scottish government has announced a package of measures to stimulate Scotland’s economy following the result of the EU referendum.

Action includes bringing forward government spending on infrastructure and providing fresh support for businesses.

Here’s what you need to know.



Scottish social security system will be based on dignity and respect

In the midst of all the political upheaval emanating from Westminster, which is understandably dominating the headlines, it’s important to remember that - in Scotland at least - the business of government goes on.


Delivering equality for disabled people

This week I launched the new Access to Elected Office Fund, a £200,000 scheme to help disabled people become candidates in next year’s local elections.

Taking action to increase the under-representation of disabled people in politics is just one way we’re delivering on our commitment to equality for disabled people.


Brexit: what the UK government hasn’t explained

Nicola Sturgeon has said that she’ll be exploring all available options to protect Scotland’s place in Europe. Democracy, economic prosperity, social protection, solidarity and influence - these are the vital interests that the Scottish Government will seek to safeguard by keeping Scotland in Europe.

The importance of protecting our economic interest is underlined by new Scottish Government analysis on the impact of Brexit. This shows that leaving the EU could reduce Scottish tax revenues by between £1.7 billion and £3.7 billion a year by 2030. For the Scottish economy as a whole, it could cost up to £11.2 billion a year in the long term.

For Scotland to continue to benefit from all of the economic and social gains we currently enjoy, it is clear that full membership of the EU’s Single Market - not just access - must be protected. Get more information on why membership of the single market is important here.

Read more here about the action the Scottish Government has been taking to give effect to Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in the EU.

By contrast, while Theresa May has said that “Brexit means Brexit”, it’s not at all clear what that means. In truth, it’s little more than a soundbite that lacks any clear sense of direction.

To make things clearer, here’s a summary of the approaches taken by different countries outside of the EU.


World Breastfeeding Week and how the SNP is supporting new mums

This week is World Breastfeeding Week - an important initiative to help raise awareness of the benefits that breastfeeding can bring to people all over the planet.


World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Today is World Day against Trafficking in Persons, a day to raise awareness of the situation facing victims of human trafficking, the illegal trade of human beings for exploitation, and for the promotion and protection of their rights.


Supreme Court ruling on Named Person service: what you need to know

Today the UK Supreme Court ruled on a failed bid to scrap the Named Person service.


Scotland’s 5 key EU interests that must be protected

Today Nicola Sturgeon delivered a speech setting out the five key Scottish interests that must be protected after Scotland voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU.

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