Our strategy for winning Scotland’s independence

SNP conference has agreed the following motion in regards to our plans to move Scotland forward on our journey to independence. Read below and get involved in helping to build that better, fairer, greener, wealthier Scotland back at the heart of the European Union.

Our strategy for winning Scotland’s independence

Conference believes that the next UK General Election should be used as an opportunity to advance the cause of independence, and to demonstrate how the powers of independence would enable us to take action on Scotland’s priorities – from tackling the Westminster-made cost of living crisis, to protecting our public services, eradicating poverty and building a fairer economy that works for us all.

Conference believes that Scotland is facing a ‘Cost of Westminster Crisis’; one that is making life increasingly challenging for people across the country and makes the case for independence even more urgent.

Conference notes that the UK Government continues to unjustly block a democratic referendum, thereby denying the people of Scotland the opportunity to express their support for independence.

Conference therefore supports using the next UK General Election as a means to offer that opportunity, and secure Scotland’s independence; and further notes that this approach has been debated at Regional Assemblies across Scotland, with widespread support as a means to move Scotland forward to achieving independence.

Conference agrees that the SNP manifesto for the UK General Election should state on page one, line one, the following simple and powerful statement: Vote SNP for Scotland to become an independent country.

Conference further agrees that the SNP manifesto and campaign should highlight the direct link between Westminster rule and the many challenges we are facing as a country, and demonstrate the opportunities of independence across the board on the issues that matter most to the people of Scotland.

Conference believes that if the SNP subsequently wins a majority of the seats at the General Election in Scotland, the Scottish Government is empowered to begin immediate negotiations with the UK Government to give democratic effect to Scotland becoming an independent country and establish a Constitutional Convention constituted by the MPs elected to Westminster, MSPs and representatives of civic Scotland. Conference reaffirms the commitment to set up a Constitutional Convention made in January 2020.

Conference further agrees that the SNP manifesto for the next Westminster election will  demand the permanent transfer of legal power to the Scottish Parliament to determine how Scotland is governed, including the transfer of power to enable it to legislate for a referendum.

Conference agrees that the SNP manifesto will demand that the incoming UK Government will legislate to devolve a series of powers to allow the Scottish Government to properly tackle the twin crises of the cost of living and climate – including but not limited to:


  • employment rights and the living/minimum wage
  • windfall taxation for companies operating in Scotland
  • regulation, pricing and production of energy sources
  • employment visas for overseas workers
  • new borrowing powers to invest in a just transition

Conference further agrees that should an incoming UK Government continue to refuse The demands of the  Scottish people to decide their own future, consideration should be given to fighting the next Scottish Parliament election in 2026 as a de facto referendum on independence; and that a majority at that election for the SNP – or the SNP and any other party with which we have reached a pro-independence agreement – will be considered a mandate to negotiate independence.

Conference agrees that by the end of the year the SNP will launch a Scotland-wide independence campaign, which will include digital and print campaign assets, aimed at increasing support for independence. The SNP will work in partnership with Yes groups and organisations and will promote pro-independence voices from all sectors of Scottish society.

Conference further agrees that the SNP will seek to add the words “Independence for Scotland” or words to that effect, to the party’s name and logo on the General Election ballot papers to make it clear beyond doubt what’s at stake at this election.