Only independence offers a better future for Scotland

With each passing day, the creaking Westminster system shows itself to be incapable of even the most basic functions, let alone delivering the results Scotland needs.

The latest blow comes after former prime minister and Labour Party leader, Gordon Brown, admitted “the forces pulling Britain apart are greater than the forces holding it together.”

Interviewed by the Financial Times, Gordon Brown conceded there was no positive case being put forward by those who oppose Scotland choosing its own path, and the case for Scotland becoming an independent country was stronger.

But let’s not forget – this was always the case. The scaremongering and broken promises that were hallmarks of the ’No’ campaign still cast their shadows today. Scots were promised affordable food prices, reasonable energy bills, stable mortgages and secure pensions. Independence was a risk, they said. How wrong they were.

After fourteen turbulent years of chaotic government, the Tories made a mockery of what Scotland was promised. Household costs skyrocketed, living standards stagnated and businesses suffered as we were torn out of the EU against our will – by politicians not up to the job, politicians Scotland didn’t vote for.

And where was Labour when working families across theses islands needed it most? Wrapped up in its own internecine conflicts and now drifting so far to the right that they have embraced Tory policies and praised Margaret Thatcher.

The case for the union may be lost, but it only proves that independence is the only path to creating a better future for Scotland.

There has never been a positive argument for Scotland remaining under Westminster control and it seems that even Gordon Brown can now see that to be the case. The tough truth is that the damage Westminster has inflicted on Scotland is unforgivable.

The Westminster system – out of touch and out of ideas – isn’t working for Scotland, and there is no positive case for broken Brexit Britain.

Only the SNP and independence offers a better future for our country.

Just like other comparable independent nations, Scotland has the resources, skills and people to be a successful country but the failing Westminster structure is holding us back from reaching our potential.

With the Tories and Keir Starmer’s Labour Party offering no meaningful change, the Westminster election is an opportunity for people to vote SNP to build a stronger, fairer, wealthier country where decisions about Scotland are taken in Scotland with independence.