This election is a turning point: only the SNP will stand up for Scotland

As a young boy of fifteen, joining a fringe political party, I could hardly imagine I’d one day lead my country as First Minister.

It’s an honour too great for words to describe – a chance to remake our country as a proud, thriving and independent nation, ending decades of Westminster control defined by stagnation and failure.

The past fourteen years of Tory rule from Westminster have been worse than I ever thought it could get. Crippling austerity, a disastrous Brexit, failing public services and a total collapse of standards in public office. Scotland deserves so much better than this.

July 4th is a chance for Scots to declare our independence from this rotten Tory government. It will go down in history as an abject failure, and rightly so.

Only the SNP can defeat the Tories across Scotland. In each of the seats they currently hold, the SNP are within a whisker of sending them packing.

And across dozens of urban constituencies, Sir Keir Starmer is asking for Scotland to put its trust in him – this is despite the man embracing the Tories’ divisive agenda and backtracking on nearly every pledge he’s ever made.

Both of the main parties have proven they won’t stand up for Scotland’s interests. Since the landslide of 2015, SNP MPs have grabbed the agenda, punched above their weight and ensured Scotland’s voice is heard.

The SNP is the only party in Scotland with a record to stand on. We’re proud of our achievements. And our MPs have gone above and beyond to stand up for Scotland in the broken Westminster system.

This election will be about one thing; a change election, focused on trust. Who do you trust to stick to their promises? Who do you trust to deliver for you and your family? Who will really stand up for Scotland and make our voice heard?

There is surely only one answer. Vote SNP in this election – to fight tooth and nail for the change Scotland deserves.

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