SNP 2021 Manifesto: Scotland’s Future, Scotland’s Choice

This election is the most important in Scotland’s history.

As we begin rebuilding Scotland from the pandemic, at stake is who will shape our country’s future and determine the life chances of this and generations to come.

Should it be Scottish Governments – of whatever party – elected by the people of Scotland and with the priorities and interests of Scotland at heart?

Or Westminster governments that time and again we have rejected?

If we want to make sure the country we rebuild is the one we want it to be – with kindness, compassion, fairness, equality and enterprise at its heart, then we must work to the right plan, with all the tools we need to do the job.

At the heart of the SNP’s offer at this election is this.

A safe, steady and experienced leadership of Nicola Sturgeon to continue leading the country through and out of this unprecedented crisis.

A bold and ambitious policy programme to kickstart and drive recovery

And the choice of a better, fairer, more prosperous future for our country.

Let’s build that future together.

On May 6, make it Both Votes SNP.

Read the SNP’s 2021 Manifesto

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This publication is also available in audio and Easy Read, plain text, large print, and Braille, as well as in Gàidhlig.

If you would like a copy in these formats, please click on these links.

Each section of the manifesto is also available in British Sign Language (BSL):


Our 100 day plan

By re-electing Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, you can ensure Scotland gets the experienced leadership, a bold programme and a serious government fit for these serious times.

We have a plan for the key social and economic actions an SNP Government would take in the first 100 days, if we have the privilege to be re-elected.

This plan, to protect Scotland and kickstart our recovery, can only happen if you vote for it.

For all that and more, make it Both Votes SNP on May 6.

Read our plan here:

Nicola Sturgeon at Conference

Scroll below for our one-minute vision videos, our regional manifestos for each region of Scotland, and our sectoral manifestos for each part of our society.

Our Vision: Independence

Our Vision: The Economy

Our Vision: Health

Our Vision: Families

Our Vision: Communities

Our Vision: Young People

Our Vision: Education

Our Vision: The Environment

Our Vision: Women

Our Vision: Equalities and Human Rights

Our Vision: Islands and Rural Scotland

Our Vision: Scotland In The World


2021 Regional Manifestos

Let’s keep delivering progress for Scotland

The Disability Manifesto is also available in audio, Easy Read and British Sign Language (BSL). If you would like to access these versions, please click on the links.

The SNP is presenting, at this election, a transformational policy programme that will drive our recovery.
Nicola Sturgeon
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