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Let's consign a decade of Tory austerity to the dustbin of history

This week marks a decade since the financial crisis of 2008, where UK taxpayers were forced to pay billions to bail out the banks – after their reckless ­profiteering left the ­financial system on the verge of collapse. Ten years might have gone by but millions of families across the UK are still being made to pay a heavy price as a result of Tory and Labour austerity cuts.



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My first recollection of door knocking for the SNP was during a wintry Council by election in Broughty Ferry in the mid 80s. While the SNP won, support for independence was a long way behind support for our candidate, Ken Guild. Indeed, at 11-12%, it is interesting that now support for independence regularly exceeds four times that level. Perseverance pays!


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