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Hi, my name’s Kirsty. I’m going to be born on 18th September 2014, the very same day as the referendum on independence for Scotland.

The question is what kind of...

Economy & Jobs

The SNP is committed to creating jobs and opportunities for Scots old and new. We believe that Scotland can and should be more successful, and we will continue to argue for the Scottish Parliament...

Climate Change

Climate change presents us with many challenges, but it also provides a wealth of opportunity for Scotland given our expertise and enterprise that can bring new jobs and greater prosperity across...


The number one priority for the people we have spoken to in communities across Scotland is to see the police out and about on our streets and in our neighbourhoods.

Over the...

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The SNP in action

Tories fail to vote for their own proposal

Commons 'EVEL' vote a humiliation for Government

Let us all aim for higher - Nicola Sturgeon

The opportunity social media provides for a broader range of opinions to be heard is something precious, writes...

SNP prove to be real opposition at Westminster


SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP, in today’s Sunday Herald highlights the SNP’s...

Historic day as votes at 16 passed in Parliament

16 and 17 year will be able to vote in Scottish elections following the historic passing of the Scottish...

SNP in action
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