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The SNP is committed to creating jobs and opportunities for Scots old and new. We believe that Scotland can and should be more successful, and we will continue to argue for the Scottish Parliament...


Hi, my name’s Kirsty. I’m going to be born on 18th September 2014, the very same day as the referendum on independence for Scotland.

The question is what kind of...

Health and Wellbeing

The Health Service has seen some important improvements over the past three years including the protection of many vital local facilities, a reduction in waiting times and a big fall in the rates...

Affordable Housing

There is no doubt that families across Scotland are feeling the strain of tough UK Government cuts. Unfortunately, these cuts do not only have an immediate effect but are also expected to have an...

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The SNP in action

Murphy hung out to dry as no cuts claim rubbished

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy is at odds with UK Labour over whether the Labour party supports further spending...

SNP launch manifesto to help business thrive

Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney today set out their plans for Scottish businesses affected by Westminster's...

Nicola launches SNP guarantee to Labour voters

Nicola has set out how a strong team of SNP MP's will stand up for progressive politics at Westminster.

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