Your guide to SNP conference

SNP members will gather at the SEC in Glasgow on Sunday for our 84th Annual Conference, our first since we became the second biggest party in the UK.

We meet off the back of three National Assemblies, held across the country, discussing the opportunities of independence. Each event was buzzing with enthusiastic conversation and debate on how Scotland can reach its full potential, and build a better future – one of hope and ambition.

So whether you’re at home or you’ll be with us at conference, here’s how you can get involved and what you can expect.

What is conference?

Conference is the ultimate decision-making body of the SNP. Conference attracts thousands of delegates from all corners of Scotland, as well as organisations, businesses, observers and media from across the UK and further afield.

Who can attend?

Any member can attend conference as a member visitor. However, only delegates to conference are entitled to speak in debates and vote.

Delegates are members chosen to represent branches, constituency associations and affiliated organisations. SNP MPs and MSPs, and internal elected members are also delegates.

In order to make conference as accessible as possible, we provide a free crèche at all our conferences. Find out more about the conference crèche here.

What happens at conference?

The main events at conference are the policy debates, where delegates discuss and vote on resolutions.

If accepted, a resolution becomes SNP policy and can be taken forward in government or championed at Westminster. Being a delegate to conference is an exciting way to shape Party policy and make your voice heard.

Who will be making keynote speeches?

What’s happening outside the conference hall?

Outwith the main conference hall, visitors can attend fringe events arranged by outside organisations to engage the membership on a range of issues. These events are a great opportunity to hear from charities, campaigns or trade unions, on their work and aims.

There is also a large exhibition area with stalls from a number of organisations, both internal and external, where you can hear more about their campaigns.

After a full day of lively discussion, members can relax in the evening with a wide selection of social events. Members can find the full programme of events in their Conference Handbook.

Can I follow conference from home?

As ever, you’ll be able to follow the debates live on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Some sessions, where we’ll debate internal rule changes, will only be available to members and delegates in the conference hall. 

…and don’t forget the conference hashtag #SNP18.