When Labour promise change it really means much more of the same

It’s clear that Labour leader Keir Starmer offers no real change for Scotland.
Last week voters in Scotland saw a glimpse of what a pro-Brexit, pro-austerity UK Labour government would look like.
It included Labour:

  • Refusing to commit to abolishing the Tory rape clause, suggesting they could implement it “more fairly”. 
  • Refusing to commit to abolishing the Tory bedroom tax.
  • Claiming that there is no division between UK Labour and their branch office, despite disagreeing on a host of policies. 
  • Ruling out devolving employment law – or any other laws – to the Scottish Parliament, despite previously committing to.
  • U-turning on plans to strengthen workers’ rights. 
  • U-turning on green investment.

Sir Keir Starmer’s visit to check in on his branch office has been a complete wash-out and has left voters in no doubt that only the SNP are offering people in Scotland real hope and real change.
Meanwhile their Scotland branch office – headed up by Anas Sarwar – has shown there is not a single issue they will not fold on, making you wonder if there is anything they will do to enhance devolution.
While Sarwar lies down to Starmer, the SNP will always stand up for Scotland because with Labour the message is clear: ‘if you don’t like our values, don’t worry, we have plenty of others’.

This is simply not sustainable for a political party that wants to be taken seriously – even more so for one that asks for the keys to Number 10.

At the next election, a vote for the SNP is a vote to reject cruel Westminster policies, tackle the cost of living crisis, and deliver a strong team of MPs who only answer to their constituents and Scotland – not London.