Programme for Government 2023-24: What it means for Business in Scotland

Our resilient, productive businesses are the bedrock of Scotland’s economy.

Without a strong and growing economy, the Scottish Government has less to spend on public services and families throughout the country would be less well off.

That’s why helping businesses in Scotland succeed is at the heart of the Programme for Government 2023-24. It’s vital that our business community here in Scotland is thriving, not merely surviving.

Here’s what the Scottish Government’s plans mean for business in Scotland.

£15m fund to unleash entrepreneurial talent

By investing in the success stories of the future, the Scottish Government is laying the firm foundations for a strong Scottish economy for decades to come.

A funding package of £15million has been allocated to boost those starting out in business, to give them that vital support they need in a competitive field.

Scotland’s entrepreneurs have been hit particularly hard by the UK government’s ideological pursuit of the hardest of Brexits. The cost-of-living crisis, spiralling inflation and the UK becoming a less attractive place to do business have only made the problem even worse.

The Scottish Government is determined to protect our precious businesses and this fund provides security and support to help them be the best they can be.

A new green industrial strategy

The Scottish Government recognises the challenge that climate change presents, but has been working for years to ensure that Scotland’s businesses can prosper from the transition to net zero rather than suffer.

We have set ourselves apart from the UK government by developing plans to make north east Scotland the net zero capital of Europe, securing the countless jobs and businesses in the region which depend on the current energy infrastructure.

By making the transition just and rewarding, we can strengthen Scotland’s national economy and make this country one of the most attractive places in Europe for the energy sector, foreign direct investment and international businesses.

Supporting the interests of business in Scotland

The Scottish Government is focused on making Scotland a welcoming and hospitable place to do business.

By supporting business interests, we can build that supportive environment for people to start and grow the thriving industries of the future.

Removing outdated and unnecessary regulations, we can help businesses to unleash their potential and contribute more effectively to the national economy.

The Scottish Government has also announced measures to transform small business support, making a tangible difference to businesses in providing them with the tailored support they need.

The Scottish Government has also committed to a small business unit to better promote and protect the interests of small businesses in Scotland, which are integral to so many local and regional economies throughout Scotland.

An unashamedly pro-growth agenda

The SNP Scottish Government understands that to expand Scotland’s revenue base, support public services, deliver on people’s priorities and to raise living standards in Scotland, a healthy and vibrant economy is key to that vision.

By nurturing economic growth, we can better provide for families across Scotland and shore up our economy for the future. The Scottish Government’s pro-growth agenda is focused on ensuring a growing economy that creates high-quality, well-paying jobs and supports the social fabric of Scotland that has been neglected by Westminster for decades.

The SNP is passionate about delivering for Scotland’s business community – and enabling Scotland to share in its success.