What is the point of Labour if Starmer won’t scrap cruel Tory policies?

Starmer and his Tory-tribute act talk a big game about change – but only the SNP are serious about delivering it.

In an astounding press conference, the Labour leader admitted that scrapping the Tories’ cruel and callous two-child benefit cap was not Labour Party policy.

In the past, Scottish Labour figures have branded the flagship Tory policy as “despicable” and “absolutely shameful”, which makes this not just another screeching u-turn for UK Labour, but a complete policy reversal for Labour’s Scottish branch office.

Labour’s latest u-turn proves that the SNP are the only party in Scotland seeking to deliver real and lasting change. Keir Starmer can talk all he wants about delivering change for these isles, but it only happens if you’re serious about seeing it through.

That means standing on your principles and laying out your vision – assets Keir Starmer seems to lack.

Labour must fully commit to abolishing the two-child cap and Westminster’s draconian rape clause – these polices remains just as vile now as they was when they were first introduced more than six years ago.

More than a million children are affected by the two-child cap, why are Labour choosing to side with the Tories rather than working families?

The past three years was Keir Starmer’s chance to set aside Westminster’s toxic attitude and draw up a serious, progressive vision for these Isles. Instead, he has committed himself to fronting a third-rate, Tory-tribute act.

Keir Starmer leadership has been one major u-turn after another, when he finally accepts that he must u-turn again on this endorsement of Tory policies – it must be final. Warm words won’t heat people’s home during this Tory cost of living crisis, only action.

If Labour won’t stand up for even the most basic values of human decency, then the question has to be asked – what is the point of the Labour Party?

It’s clear only the SNP will stand up for working families, progressives values, and deliver the change Scotland’s needs. While Labour prevaricates, it is the SNP that will stand against inhuman policies like the two-child benefit cap and the rape clause.