Westminster abandons households in Scotland with threadbare King’s Speech

People in Scotland, and across the UK, have been left feeling completely abandoned after the Tories’ King’s Speech failed to put forward any real support for the Westminster-made cost of living that is causing real hurt.

Worst still, while Westminster had abdicated responsibility for supporting suffering families, it has refused calls to devolve the powers necessary for the Scottish Parliament to deliver that support instead.

Ahead of the King’s Speech, Stephen Flynn MP had called for the transfer of powers over energy, employment and the economy to enable the Scottish Parliament to go further in helping families with the cost of living and boost economic growth – but the Tories have delivered no new powers at all.

The SNP Westminster Leader had called for the UK government to deliver on a raft of policies that would help people struggling to pay their bills – including a £400 energy bill rebate, mortgage interest tax relief and action to reduce food prices – but the Tory legislative agenda has contained no help with the cost of living at all for Scottish households.

In Scotland, the SNP Scottish Government has proven that where we have the powers, we can and will deliver the support people need. From helping families with a council tax freeze this year to progressive policies like the Scottish Child Payment that is lifting 90,000 children out of poverty.

Yet this threadbare King’s Speech shows the Tories are bereft of ideas and have completely abandoned people in Scotland. The Tories are offering no help at all with the cost of living and no new powers for the Scottish Parliament – showing why independence is essential to deliver economic growth and boost household incomes.

Millions of households in Scotland are suffering from a Westminster-made cost of living crisis. With Sunak and Starmer wedded to Brexit, Tory cuts and economic decline, it’s clear independence is the only way for Scotland to build a wealthier and fairer future.

Independent European nations like Scotland are wealthier and fairer than the UK – so the question is, why not Scotland?