We can halt Brexit and save ourselves from Boris Johnson

People across Europe will go to the polls this week to elect members of the European Parliament.

On Thursday, Scotland has a choice – to vote for parties that have ignored Scotland throughout the Brexit process, or to vote for the SNP and send a message that this country will not be ignored any more.

This is an election that many wouldn’t have expected to take place because of Brexit but one which the SNP is delighted to play a full and active role in.

In part, it’s as a result of SNP MPs in Westminster standing up for Scotland and opposing Brexit.

In the 2016 referendum, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain a part of the European Union. Every city and council area across our nation voted to Remain and the polls show support for EU membership increasing.

Against a backdrop of the never-ending chaos at Westminster, it’s no wonder that voters are putting their trust in the SNP.

The most recent threat coming from Westminster is that of Boris Johnson taking over from Theresa May as prime minister. A future that was once the stuff of nightmares has become a working reality in British politics.

Johnson personifies the very worst of the Leave campaign, which has taken the UK to the brink. Boris as PM probably started as a joke on Have I Got News For You – but today it’s no laughing matter.

He was front and centre of the deceitful campaign in the lead up to the European referendum – the lie of £350million extra for the NHS each week, plucked from the ether and plastered on the side of a bus.

With Johnson in No10, the UK would be closer than it’s ever been to a no-deal exit from the EU. All the analysis tells us that would be catastrophic for Scotland, with research from the Scottish Government putting the cost of no deal to each person in Scotland at £2300.

This nightmarish possibility demonstrates exactly why Scotland must have the option to choose a better course at this critical time.

And Scotland must have the choice of becoming an independent, European nation.

Support for independence is at record levels and people are realising more and more the advantages of making all decisions over our future here in Scotland.

Brexit demonstrates all too clearly the risk of leaving our fate in the hands of Tory governments we do not vote for.

For now, however, we find ourselves heading to the polls to send MEPs to the European Parliament on Thursday.

This is an election that the Tories never wanted to fight and one that has forced Labour into giving clarity on its Brexit position – something it has utterly failed to do.

On the other hand, SNP activists have been pounding the streets and speaking to voters to spread the positive case for Scotland remaining in the European Union.

The response on the doorsteps is clear – Scotland’s for Europe.

A vote for the SNP on Thursday is a vote to stop Brexit and to send a message that our people and our Parliament cannot be ignored any more.

This article originally appeared in the Daily Record.