Two-thirds of Scots think disastrous Liz Truss should resign

A new YouGov poll shows two-thirds of Scots (65%) think Liz Truss should resign as Prime Minister after she sacked her Chancellor for pushing through her reckless economic agenda.

It is clear that Liz Truss has no credibility left and it’s now only a matter of time before she’s removed from office.

The disastrous policies in the Tory mini-budget were hers. She trashed the UK economy – and she’s to blame for the damage done to people’s mortgages, pensions and incomes.

This U-turn is too little, too late. With her Chancellor gone, and her leadership platform junked, it’s unclear what justification there is for the Prime Minister remaining in post. No one can have any confidence in her failed leadership.

The UK is now on the verge of its fifth Prime Minister in just seven years, and the UK economy is in yet another crisis of the Tories’ making.

It’s never been clearer that Scotland needs independence to escape the constant crisis of Westminster control.