Tory leadership ‘horror show’ makes the case for independence

The contest to become the new leader of the Conservative Party, and the next UK Prime Minister, has highlighted the growing need for Scotland to become an independent country.

The UK’s new Prime Minister won’t be chosen by ordinary voters in Scotland but by a few thousand members of the Conservative Party – a party with no mandate in Scotland.

Scotland’s interests have been ignored throughout the Brexit process, and under a new Prime Minister things look set to get a whole lot worse.

The time has come for Scotland to elect its own leaders and governments directly and democratically as an independent nation.

Boris Johnson is front-runner to become the next Prime Minister

Front-runner Boris Johnson has already announced plans for Scottish taxpayers to pay the price for tax cuts for English high-earners.

SNP MSP Angela Constance said: “Scottish taxpayers now face the prospect of paying for a tax cut for the likes of Boris Johnson and his cronies.

“That would be entirely indefensible – and is only likely to see a further rise in support for independence, which would give Scotland full powers over tax.”

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The Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, previously said he wouldn’t be able to serve under Boris Johnson – but now that Johnson looks set to become Prime Minister he’s changed his tune, denying that he ever said it.

Runner-up Jeremy Hunt has actively undermined Scotland’s interests

Currently at second place in the leadership contest, Jeremy Hunt used his influence at the Foreign Office to actively undermine the Scottish Government’s efforts to make Scotland’s voice heard in Europe.

Taking the unusual step of refusing to provide practical support, the Foreign Office stepped in to undermine the First Minister’s recent trip to Brussels.

The decision demonstrated the need for an independent Scotland to pursue its own diplomatic relations in Europe and highlighted the futility of remaining part of the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon called the approach “pretty childish and pathetic” but said it hadn’t made any practical difference to the visit.

Scottish Tory leader has backed the anti-devolution candidate

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has shown her true colours by backing the anti-devolution candidate Savid Javid, who referred to Scottish devolution as “constitutional vandalism”.

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said: “Ruth Davidson likes to pretend that the Tories in Scotland are a breed apart – but in backing another hard-line Brexiteer, she’s just like any other Tory.

“The Conservative and Unionist party always put Westminster first – and Sajid Javid’s hostility to power in the hands of the Scottish people speaks volumes. He wants to reverse the progress of 20 years of devolution.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also criticised Ruth Davidson’s position, saying it was “hard to imagine a position more out of touch with the vast majority in Scotland.”

Tories want the UK Government to seize control of spending in devolved areas

Not only is Ruth Davidson backing an anti-devolution candidate, her own party has now been caught trying to force a power grab on the Scottish Parliament. Scottish Tory MPs have been urging the next Prime Minister to seize control of spending in devolved areas.

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SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth raised the Tory power grab in the Scottish Parliament. She criticised the Scottish Tories for wanting to “rip up the Scotland Act and to seize control of spending and decision making in devolved areas.”

Tories are flip-flopping on a second independence referendum

Ruth Davidson has taken various conflicting positions on independence referendums. First, she said a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament should be enough to secure a public vote, and that the UK Government should absolutely not block a second referendum on independence. Then she said there should be no referendums at all. Then she said there could be one, so long as the SNP secured a majority in the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Parliament already has a pro-independence majority, and has already backed a second referendum. Voters have consistently given the SNP a mandate to deliver a referendum on Scotland’s future.

At her leadership launch, Tory candidate Andrea Leadsom said that as a “big believer in devolution” it would be “disrespectful” to completely rule out a second Scottish independence referendum. But hours later she decided there should be no more referendums.

Various Tory leadership contenders have similarly lined up to stop the people of Scotland having their say – but not one of them has a mandate to do so.

At the most recent elections, the Tories stood on an explicit platform to stop a second independence referendum. Their message was totally rejected by Scottish voters, giving the Tories their worst ever result.

Scotland deserves so much better – it’s time for independence

Not one Tory leadership candidate has shown any willingness to stand up for Scottish interests – instead they have only spoken about Scotland in terms of blocking its democratic process.

Scotland has already demonstrated what can be done with the limited powers of devolution, from free university tuition and prescriptions to world-leading green energy initiatives and baby boxes for all new parents. With the full powers of independence, Scotland could do so much more.

Independence is an opportunity to bolster our representative democracy, bringing an end to unelected Tory governments at Westminster – with independence Scottish voters will always get the governments we vote for.