Tories lived up to their ‘nasty party’ reputation this week

This week we’ve seen the true face of the Tory government. From their callous dismissal of the human impact of welfare cuts, to their heartless immigration policy, the Tories are fully living up to their ‘nasty party’ reputation.

Here’s what you need to know.


The Windrush generation

A generation of immigrants, particularly from the Caribbean, who have lived and worked in the UK for decades have been told that they are living here illegally.


The Rape Clause and two-child family cap

Tory Welfare Minister Esther McVey defended the Rape Clause, saying that it will offer women “double support” – and was backed up by the Prime Minister.


Tory benefit sanctions

Esther McVey has also defended the Tory benefit sanction system, refusing to accept the awful reality.


Single household payments

The Prime Minister defended her government’s insistence on single household payments for Universal Credit which make women more financially vulnerable.


Opposing action to keep our streets safe

Ruth Davidson’s MSPs at Holyrood were the only party to oppose action on drugs that would keep our streets safe and save lives.