Brexit chaos continues as Tories gamble with Scotland’s future – latest updates

With Westminster in chaos, it can be tricky to keep up with the latest news. We’ve put together a timeline of recent events to keep you in the loop.


We need a second EU referendum

Brexit continues to be deadlocked, the Prime Minister humiliated again, and the only way out of this mess is a second EU referendum.

SNP MPs were crystal clear in the House of Commons: Theresa May must extend Article 50 for a sufficient time to put Brexit back to the people.


Nicola Sturgeon says Parliament must now reject no-deal, extend Article 50 and put Brexit back to the people

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has issued a statement commenting on the latest Brexit developments.

Following a second crushing defeat of her Brexit deal, Theresa May must stop putting her broken party first, and act in the interests of all four nations of the UK: vote against no-deal, extend Article 50 and allow for a second EU referendum.


Theresa May set for another crushing defeat on her Brexit deal

MPs are voting on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and despite attempting to trick Parliament that she achieved meaningful changes, it is still the same bad deal – one that would decimate Scotland’s economy, slash 100,000 jobs and deprive young people of opportunities.

Scotland did not vote for Brexit, and all SNP MPs are voting against this deal, paving the way for another embarrassing defeat for the UK Government.


Jeremy Corbyn dismisses Scotland’s voice as irrelevant

Scotland never voted for Brexit, and the redundancies, erosion of rights, and loss of opportunities that come with it.

Scotland has an undeniable right to choose its own future, but when Stewart McDonald raised this in Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn said this was ‘irrelevant’.


DUP confirm they will vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal

The DUP’s leader, Arlene Foster, has confirmed that DUP MPs will vote against the withdrawal agreement – likely dooming Theresa May to another historic defeat in the House of Commons. Had Theresa May not spent the past year trying to appease the hard-right of her party and instead worked with other parties to secure full access to the Single Market and Customs Union, the UK and the government would not be in the mess it is now.


UK Attorney General’s legal advice confirms nothing has changed with Theresa May’s Deal

The UK government’s Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, has published his updated legal advice following Theresa May’s latest meetings with EU officials. The Attorney General’s advice confirms that nothing of any real substance has changed to the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and that MPs will be asked to vote of effectively the same deal they rejected by a historic 230 votes in January.


7 out of 10 voters in Scotland want a referendum on Scottish independence

Amid the ongoing Brexit chaos, with an incompetent and reckless Tory government trying to drag Scotland out of the EU against its will, voters in Scotland are increasingly demanding to choose their own future.


The UK Government is reckless and irresponsible, as it plays games with parliamentary schedules

This morning, Westminster was awash with speculation that Theresa May is set to pull the meaningful vote on Brexit, which she promised to hold by tomorrow – Tuesday the 12th March.

She knows she would lose the vote, because she failed to achieve the changes she promised to the hard-right Brexiteers she’s in the grip of. This is why she’s trying to pull the vote and continue aimlessly running down the clock, just as she did in December.

When an urgent question was put down on the progress of Brexit, Theresa May yet again escaped responsibility to face MPs, and instead sent a junior minister.

With less than a day until the meaningful day was set to take place, the Brexit secretary has cancelled a committee session, and the Government cannot offer any clarity on what is happening – no motion, no firm schedule, no plan.


Theresa May falsely claims Scotland does not have a mandate for independence

It’s a fundamental right of the Scottish people to decide on their own future, but Theresa May tried to deny this right by claiming there is ‘no mandate’ for Scottish independence.

After repeatedly ignoring Scotland’s wishes and deliberately acting to hurt Scotland’s economy, Tories are running scared of the will of the Scottish people.

There is a mandate to pursue independence, and if Tories block an independence referendum, it would amount to a shameful attack on democracy.


The Scottish Parliament rejects Theresa May’s Brexit deal and backs extension of Article 50

The Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly have simultaneously voted on motions that reject Theresa May’s botched Brexit deal, which threatens to severely and permanently damage Scotland’s economy and communities.

MSPs from all parties, apart from the Scottish Tories, voted for the motion, which also called for an extension of Article 50 to avoid the Brexit cliff edge.

Scotland needs and deserves better than this blindfold Brexit, and now that the Scottish Parliament decisively voted against it, it’s time for the UK Tories to listen.


Scottish Tories choose to side with extreme Brexiteers, rather than with Scotland’s interests

The SNP tabled an amendment seeking to rule out a no-deal Brexit in all circumstances.

Shamefully, all Scottish Tory MPs voted against the proposals that would protect Scotland’s communities from the calamitous consequences of a no-deal.

This amounts to nothing short of a betrayal of Scottish voters. The people of Scotland clearly rejected Brexit, but it’s clearer than ever that the Scottish Tories prefer to follow the whip of their Westminster bosses, rather than Scotland’s interests and economic logic.


Prime Minister of Iceland makes it clear Scotland could be an independent nation

Despite being promised a “partnership of equals” by the Better Together campaign in 2014, Scotland is being dragged out of the EU against its will and consistently shafted by a Tory government rejected by the people of Scotland at the ballot box.

Scotland deserves better than this. We want to build a progressive, democratic society, where power lies in the hands of the Scottish people, not in the corridors of Westminster.
A bright future as an independent country is within our reach – don’t just take our word for it, take the Icelandic Prime Minister’s.


The SNP tables an amendment calling for Article 50 extension

As the Brexit clock keeps ticking, we must do everything to take no-deal off the table, which we know – based on the UK Government’s and Scottish Government’s analyses – could slash 100,000 jobs in Scotland and seriously hurt the economy.

Extending Article 50 and allowing the people to make a final decision – based on facts, rather than lies on the side of a bus – is the way to do that.


The UK Government has not published any economic analysis of Theresa May’s Brexit deal

The UK Government has not published economic analyses that would show the impact of the specific deal on the table.

This shows the scale of recklessness and incompetence at the heart of this Tory government, which is trying to hide economic figures because they’re in denial of the damage Brexit will cause. They’re pursuing a blind Brexit.

No responsible MP could ever vote for a deal without knowing what the impact would be.
Ian Blackford urged Theresa May to come clean on the economic figures, but shamefully, she refused to answer.


Mhairi Black makes clear that neither her, nor Scotland, have ever had confidence in this Tory government

SNP MPs will vote to bring down this Tory government and consign it to the dustbin of history.


Westminster is in chaos but in Scotland we stand united


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to Theresa May calling for urgent engagement with the Scottish & Welsh governments

A letter to the Prime Minister from Nicola Sturgeon.

Scotland has no confidence in the UK government – SNP MPs will back tomorrow’s no confidence motion

The UK government has run out of steam and is running out of time in Scotland.

In tomorrow’s no confidence motion, which will be voted on at 7pm, SNP MPs will emphatically vote to bring down this shambolic Tory government.

If this fails, there is only one clear way to break the deadlock: Jeremy Corbyn must accept his responsibility, get off the fence, and support a People’s Vote with an option to remain in the European Union.


Following Brexit deal defeat, Nicola Sturgeon urges extension of Article 50 and a second EU referendum


SNP MPs and others reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal by crushing margin

This is the biggest defeat that any UK government has suffered in parliamentary history.

The SNP will not allow the Conservative Party to wreck our economy, rob us off our rights and throw us down a hard-right cliff of deregulation.

It is now time for the people to decide.


What’s the real process for removing Scotland from the EU? 🤨


Ian Blackford calls out Labour for dodging responsibility on Brexit whilst SNP MPs stand up for Scotland

The SNP respects Scotland’s vote to remain, and we’ve been crystal clear that staying in the EU is in Scotland’s best interest.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Brexit policy amounts to not much more than fudge, and at this crucial time, Labour is still missing in action.


It isn’t too late for Corbyn to back a way out of Brexit, urges Tommy Sheppard MP in open letter

Every single piece of analysis shows that Brexit will make people poorer, and will disproportionately hit working class families the hardest.

In a real democracy, it is right for people to change their minds, and Labour should allow people to have a say on their future at this crucial time.


Nicola Sturgeon’s statement before MPs vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal


Mhairi Black dismantles the UK government promises made during the Scottish referendum, and lets rip on the Tory Brexit mess


Tory plans to slash immigration would be a disaster to Scotland

Scotland massively benefits from immigration.

It strengthens our economy and enriches our cultural fabric. The ideologically-driven Tory plans to slash immigration go completely against Scotland’s interests.

We firmly oppose these plans, and send a clear message: Scotland welcomes you.


There is an alternative to Theresa May’s disastrous Brexit deal: remaining in the EU

Amid the drama and political disarray at Westminster, we should not lose sight of the fact that EU membership gives Scotland countless benefits: a stronger economy, an open market for our businesses, the freedom to live, work and travel in 27 countries, workers’ rights protections, and so much more.

Scotland voted to remain, and we will not allow Scotland to be dragged out against its wishes.


Brian Cox highlights Brexit mess and the hope of Scottish independence in the SNP Christmas message


Tory contempt for Scotland was laid bare, as a Tory MP heckled the SNP Westminster leader telling him to ‘go back to Skye’


Nicola Sturgeon commenting on the news that 117 Tory MPs don’t have confidence in Theresa May

Note with Nicola Sturgeon's comments on Theresa May's leadership vote

Nothing has been achieved but chaos

The Tories’ confidence vote tonight has done nothing but cause chaos, and Theresa May’s refusal to go only prolongs that chaos.


Third of Theresa May’s MPs say they don’t have confidence in her

Theresa May has managed to cling on as Prime Minister, but over a third of her MPs have voted to say they have no confidence in her leadership.

The reality is, the Prime Minister is now weaker than she was before and still is arguing for a deal that is bad for Scotland and the whole of the UK and cannot pass the House of Commons.


Tory leadership vote will solve nothing and only continue the chaos

As Theresa May looks like she might survive the Tory parties confidence vote, it only returns Scotland to where we were before. With a deal that is unacceptable, that will damage Scotland’s economy and strip people of their rights.

Whether Theresa May remains Prime Minister or not, it doesn’t solve the fundamental questions of Brexit.


Westminster is out of ideas. In Scotland, the SNP are delivering

Scottish Government’s Finance Secretary, Derek MacKay, delivered the Scottish Budget and, among other investments, committed to over £9bn for Health and Social Care Partnerships for primary and community health services in Scotland.


A government out of ideas….

Scottish Government’s Brexit Secretary, Mike Russell, delivers a statement to the Scottish Parliament.

Says the UK Government is “out of ideas, out of talent, out of time and needing to be put out of office.”


Theresa May must resign

We were promised ‘strong and stable’, but instead the UK government has become an embarrassment. Theresa May must take responsibility and resign.


The facts remain – Theresa May’s deal is a bad deal for Scotland

Theresa May’s deal is a bad deal and will remain a bad deal, whatever cosmetic changes are made.


Stay in office…

Tory Cabinet Minister lets slip the reality of the current UK government – they are purely interested in staying in power and not in delivering a good deal for Scotland and the UK.


Theresa May faces leadership as Tory civil war hits peak

Westminster’s chaos continues as Theresa May now faces a vote among Tory MPs trying to oust her. In Scotland however, people will see a tale of two governments – as the Scottish Government delivers a budget that will keep Scotland on the path of progress.


Getting on with the day job

While Westminster and the UK government become engulfed in the Tories’ Brexit chaos. In Scotland, the Scottish Government are getting on with the business of delivering for the people of Scotland.


An absolute embarrassment of a government

Mhairi Black calls out the embarrassing actions of the UK government and Theresa May.


This UK government doesn’t care

Ian Blackford rises to speak in the emergency Brexit debate and makes clear – SNP MPs will not vote for any Brexit deal that worsens people’s rights or harms Scotland’s economy.


Enough is enough

Nicola Sturgeon calls for a sensible end to the Tories Brexit chaos that would protect – rather than wreck – Scotland and the UK’s economy.


Ian Blackford & opposition leaders call for motion of no confidence in Tory government

Ian Blackford has been joined by other party leaders in calling for Jeremy Corbyn to submit a motion of no confidence in Theresa May’s government.


Theresa May given some home truths

Watch SNP Westminster Depute Leader, Kirsty Blackman, deliver some home truths to the Tories and Theresa May.


The PM has lost the confidence of her own benches

The Tory party keeps tearing itself apart over the Brexit deal, and from the countless speeches of her own MPs, it is clear that Theresa May has no support of her own backbenchers.

Indeed, the deal has no support from across the House of Commons, no support from the Scottish Parliament, and no support from the Welsh Assembly.

Kirsty Blackman, deputy leader of the SNP Westminster group, said: “The Prime Minister is incapable of taking decisions about the future, and Downing Street cannot negotiate any more – either with the EU or with the Tory backbenchers”.


A stunning display of cowardice

SNP Westminster Depute Leader, Kirsty Blackman, calls out the actions of the UK government in withdrawing the vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Demands to know when Parliament will be given the chance to vote down Theresa May’s deal.


Making Scotland’s voice heard

When asked by the Prime Minister whether Brexit should happen, SNP MPs made Scotland’s voice heard.


Theresa May confirms government is pulling Brexit vote

However, the Prime Minister failed to say when she would bring the deal back to Parliament for a new vote.


PM putting Tory party interests ahead of the country’s

Nicola Sturgeon has just finished speaking with Theresa May. The SNP are standing up for Scotland’s interests, while Theresa May is only interested in protecting the interests of the Tory party.


Theresa May pulls vote on her Brexit deal

As the defeat of her Brexit deal looks inevitable, the UK government has announced that Theresa May will withdraw the vote on her Brexit deal, just a day before it was meant to be voted on.


European Court of Justice Ruling

Following the ECJ’s Advocate General’s initial ruling that the UK could unilaterally revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit, the European Court of Justice officially ruled that to be the case.

This means that the UK Government can remove the risk of a no-deal Brexit, and that remaining within the European Union is now clearly a possibility.


Support for independence increasing

As Theresa May’s deal continues to wreak havoc and cause chaos at Westminster, support for Scottish independence is rising.

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times Scotland found that 59% think Scottish independence would be better than a no-deal Brexit. While 53% say independence would benefit country more than staying in UK but outside the EU under a negotiated Brexit deal.


No TV debates

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn skirted around the idea of live TV debates around the Brexit deal – but both party leaders found excuse after excuse as to why they wouldn’t debate on particular TV channels.

Nicola Sturgeon called on both May and Corbyn to agree to the debates and for all the possible Brexit options to be included – saying that she would be willing to debate for remaining in the European Union.

However, in the end, neither May or Corbyn would commit to the debates – mirroring both leaders’ actions during the 2017 General Election debates.


UK minister found in contempt of Parliament

Theresa May suffered the worst day in Parliament for a British government in decades, as SNP MPs, among others, voted to ‘take back control’ of the Brexit process and forced the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, to publish the Brexit legal advice he had tried to hide.

For the first time since 1880, a minister was held in contempt of Parliament for refusing to publish the legal advice on the PM’s deal, despite previously committing to do so.


Scottish Parliament votes against the deal

With the stark negative impact on Scotland’s economy and communities, the Scottish Parliament clearly voted to reject the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

MSPs from the SNP, Labour, Lib Dems and Scottish Greens all voted to reject the deal, with only the Scottish Tories voting for it. Despite all the evidence, Scottish Tories consciously voted for a deal that will make people in Scotland poorer.


3 hours in Scotland

Despite ignoring Scotland in the text of the Brexit deal, selling out the Scottish fishing industry and ignoring the interests of Scotland throughout the whole Brexit process – Theresa May still came to Scotland in an attempt to sell her Brexit deal.

However, the Prime Minister would only spend three hours in Scotland – visiting a single factory – before jet-setting back to London.


Brexit could make everyone in Scotland £1,600 worse off

With the publication of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the Scottish Government produced an analysis of the impact it would have on Scotland and our economy.

The analysis showed that by 2030, Scotland would be £1,600 worse off per person than we would be if Scotland remained in the European Union.


Sell-out of Scottish Fishing exposed

As the UK government continues to discuss the UK and Scotland’s post-Brexit relations with the European Union, a leaked document revealed that Tories were willing to use Scottish fishing as a bargaining chip in future Brexit negotiations.

The leaked political declaration revealed that “access and quota shares would be included in the Future Economic Partnership” between the UK and the EU – breaking the previous pledges of the Vote Leave campaign and the UK government to Scottish Fishermen.


Tory Cabinet Ministers resign

Just a day after the confirmation of the deal, two of Theresa May’s cabinet ministers resigned – Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Work & Pensions Secretary Esther McVey – in opposition to the Brexit deal.

This means that throughout Theresa May’s premiership, a total of 18 government ministers have now resigned. This was also the second Brexit Secretary to resign from Theresa May’s government.


Theresa May says she has a Brexit deal

Following a summit of European leaders, Theresa May announced that she had secured a Brexit deal and that she would be putting it to a vote in the House of Commons.

It was quickly revealed that Theresa May hasn’t shown the text of the deal to the Scottish Government, despite the fact the government of Gibraltar had been given advanced sight of it.

Perhaps this was because Scotland wasn’t even once mentioned in the deal, while Northern Ireland was mentioned over 100 times and so too were the British Arctic Territories.