The Week in Review: 14 – 20 Dec

It’s our final weekly update before Christmas. The SNP have had a busy December, winning 47 out of 59 seats at the general election and pressing for a second independence referendum. This week we celebrated our new intake of MPs and reinforced our mandate for giving Scotland a choice about its future. Here’s a roundup of all the latest news.

📍 On Saturday the SNP’s newly elected MPs gathered outside the V&A in Dundee. The SNP took 80% of Scottish seats at Westminster.

📍 Leading Labour figures recognised the SNP’s mandate for a fresh independence referendum. Here’s one.

📍 Nicola Sturgeon appeared on ITV News, saying it should be for Boris Johnson to explain his unsustainable position on a Scottish independence referendum.

📍 This voter perfectly captured the mood of what happened in Scotland at the general election.

📍 On Sunday Nicola Sturgeon was on the Andrew Marr Show, highlighting how Boris Johnson simply saying ‘No’ to a new referendum wouldn’t be the end of the matter.

📍 On Monday the SNP’s Ian Blackford was on Channel 4 news, setting out the case for an independent Scotland as a bridge between the EU and UK.

📍 Later Ian Blackford met with the newly elected SNP MPs outside parliament in London. He highlighted how the Tories in Scotland made the general election all about blocking an independence referendum – and how that message was thoroughly rejected by Scottish voters.

📍 On Tuesday the SNP’s John Nicholson appeared on BBC Politics Live, outlining the SNP’s mandate to give the Scottish people a choice.

📍 Nicola Sturgeon then gave a statement to Scottish Parliament, reflecting on what the election results meant for Scotland’s future.

📍 The First Minister challenged Jackson Carlaw, arguing that the UK Government has made it difficult to protect Scotland’s interests.

📍 On Wednesday it was announced that half a million people had signed the Yes pledge, reaching a major milestone.

📍 On Thursday Nicola Sturgeon made a statement from Bute House, setting out Scotland’s rejection of Boris Johnson’s government and the SNP’s renewed mandate for a fresh independence referendum.

📍 She called on people across Scotland to unite to defend Scotland’s right to self-determination, regardless of their stance on independence.