The UK Tory government must come out of hibernation and act now

Ofgem will announce the latest hike on the energy price cap this Friday. Experts warn the cap could increase on Friday to as much as £3,600, with the potential for the cap to rise even further to above £6,000 in the new year.

The situation is spiralling out of control for millions across the UK. At a time of great economic uncertainty, families and small businesses need help now – not months later.

It’s unforgivable that people in Scotland are being forced to pay the price.

At the same time, the UK government sits in its hands and refuses to act.

There is a majority in parliament for such a freeze. It is now for the UK government to allow parliament to have its say by recalling parliament from its summer break without delay.

Following that, an emergency budget must quickly follow to deliver the immediate and practical help families, and small businesses need.

This emergency budget must include scrapping VAT on fuel, doubling support for households and introducing an energy price cap and grants for small businesses.

Westminster refused to devolve key powers to Scotland – so it must act.

The UK government is making the case for independence by refusing to use its reserved powers to tackle the Tory-made cost of living crisis – leaving Scottish families and businesses in the lurch, not knowing what, when, or if help will come.

The UK government cannot just reach a complete standstill and abandon households while the Tories elect their new leader.

With every day it delays, the UK government is hammering households and underlining the need for Scotland to become an independent country with the powers and levers to act.