The Tories don’t want young people to vote – here’s why you should

Earlier this year The Times revealed that Boris Johnson’s campaign team was privately discussing how an early election could limit the number of students registering to vote.

Why? Polling shows that young people are less likely to support the Conservatives and Brexit.

Brexit was rejected in every council area of Scotland, and the Remain vote was strongest among Scotland’s young people. But according to Electoral Reform, one in three potential voters in Scotland between 18-34 are not registered to vote.

Scotland’s future is at a crossroads. It’s more important than ever that every young person in Scotland registers before the 26th of November.

Remember: at general elections, students are able to vote either at their university or their home locations. It’s worth checking where you feel your vote would have the most impact. Use your post code to search for your nearest Electoral office.

It’s also important to remember that anyone can choose to vote by post instead of going to a polling station. If getting to the ballot box might be tricky for you in December, a postal vote is a safe and secure way of casting your ballot. Apply for a postal vote with the Electoral Commission.

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Here’s some of our members explaining why it’s so important to register