The SNP is Scotland’s voice – defending Scotland’s interests and values

The SNP are Scotland’s voice – and the events of recent weeks have shown why it’s essential Scotland has a strong SNP voice to represent the people of Scotland at Westminster.

With the Tories embroiled in a racism scandal, and Keir Starmer’s Labour Party missing in action in the fight against Westminster’s austerity budget, it’s clear that Scotland’s values have never been further removed from Westminster.

The SNP is the only party holding the UK government accountable for its austerity measures, while also safeguarding the Scottish Parliament against attempts by Westminster to undermine Scotland’s values and needs.

With Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer both planning another decade of austerity, the SNP is Scotland’s voice opposing Westminster cuts and defending our NHS and public services.

With Brexit hammering Scotland’s economy, the SNP is Scotland’s voice demanding assistance with the cost of living and advocating for independence as the pathway back to prosperity, including the opportunity to re-enter the EU.

And with Sunak and Starmer both intent on grabbing Scotland’s energy wealth and threatening thousands of Scottish jobs, the SNP will be Scotland’s voice standing up for energy jobs across the sector, demanding investment in our green energy future and reducing energy bills.

The Westminster parties are committed to Brexit, austerity cuts, and privatising the NHS – and Tory and Labour MPs have demonstrated their loyalty to their Westminster leaders, regardless of the consequences for Scotland.

At the general election, only a vote for the SNP will be a vote to stand up for Scotland’s values, defend Scotland’s interests, and advance Scotland’s much-needed journey to independence.