The polling confirms it: only the SNP can beat the Tories

A new poll has shown that it is only the SNP who can make Scotland Tory-free.

The MRP poll, conducted by Survation, shows the SNP picking up 41 seats at the general election, removing all seven of Scotland’s Tory MPs in the process.

The SNP are a close second place in every one of those seven constituencies, from the south of Scotland to the North East.

At the party’s recent National Campaign Council, First Minister Humza Yousaf lambasted the Tories’ failure to deliver on every policy area, from housing, to the economy, to Britain’s creaking public services.

“We know that the Westminster establishment will throw everything they have at the SNP. I am telling you today – it won’t work,” he said in an address to delegates from communities across Scotland. “We have an alternative to broken Brexit Britain.”

The Tories’ internal strife has continued to spiral as they engage in ‘culture war’ conflicts, divisive rhetoric and reel from scandal after scandal.

The bombshell poll comes as polling expert, Professor John Curtice, said there is a 99% chance Labour will win the next general election.

But the party is benefitting more from the Tories spectacular decline than its own success; under Sir Keir Starmer the Labour Party has ditched, scaled back or revised every single one of its policies – even going so far as to double down on its praise of Margaret Thatcher to win over Conservative voters.

This latest poll demonstrates beyond doubt that the SNP is the only viable challenger to the Tories in Scotland.

Voters across the country are sick of the Tories’ and their unremitting failures. But with both Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak joined at the hip on economic policies, it’s clear that Labour does not offer the change Scotland needs.

The polling clearly shows that people across Scotland continue to put their trust in the SNP to deliver for them.

We won’t take a single vote for granted and will keep working hard to stand up and protect Scotland’s values – especially in a Westminster system where standards in public office and trust in politics have never been lower.

At the next election, it is only the SNP who can make Scotland Tory free, stand up for Scotland’s values and defend Scotland’s interests at every possible opportunity.