Scotland’s future must be in Scotland’s hands – not those of Boris Johnson

The Scottish Parliament election on May 6 will be the most important in Scotland’s history.

Our country stands at a crossroads, and this election will determine which path Scotland chooses.

Scotland’s future, Scotland’s choice

Are we willing to give Boris Johnson a free hand to do whatever he likes to Scotland?

More right-wing Tory governments that Scotland rejected for over 60 years, imposed on us regardless?

Or should we take Scotland’s future into our Scotland’s hands, so that the people who live here can shape the kind of country we want to be?

Westminster does not have the right to block Scottish democracy

If the SNP wins this election, Boris Johnson or any other Westminster politician, will not have any right to block the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.

Boris Johnson knows he cannot stand in the way of democracy, just as his pal Donald Trump could not.

The election on May 6 is our historic opportunity to send Westminster a message they won’t be able to ignore.

The Tories know a referendum is on the cards – they’re already gearing up for it

It’s beyond any doubt the Tories are preparing for an independence referendum, after reports of Boris Johnson hiring up to 50 taxpayer-funded advisers for his anti-independence campaign unit.

Freedom of information requests, job adverts and Downing Street briefings showed the UK government is spending millions and millions of taxpayers’ money on combatting the majority view of the people of Scotland.

The “Union Unit” itself is splashing at least Β£2 million on salaries, while the Scotland Office communications budget has tripled to over Β£1.3 million.

Do we simply accept the extreme Brexit imposed on us by Boris Johnson?

Throughout the Brexit process, Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in the EU was completely ignored by Westminster.

Just like with Tory governments we rejected at the ballot box, we’re now having to pay the price of a Tory Brexit we never voted for.

This price is a sell-out of Scotland’s fishing communities.

Young people denied the opportunity to live, study and work abroad.

Our NHS under threat from being carved up in Tory trade deals.

And this is only a fraction of the damaging impact of Brexit that we’re now facing.

Or do we choose to build a fairer, better future as an independent country in Europe?

Evidence clearly demonstrates that Scotland has what it takes to thrive as an independent country.

On a per head basis, Scotland’s national income makes us wealthier than rich countries such as New Zealand, Japan and Italy.

We have a highly educated population with some of the world’s best universities, extraordinary natural resources and a thriving high-tech sector with a huge exporting potential.

As an independent country in the EU, just like Denmark and Ireland, we will have full control of our economic policy and all levers at our disposal – as well as access to a market seven times the size of the UK.

Senior EU figures, including former European Council President Donald Tusk, said the EU would enthusiastically welcome Scotland after independence.

A majority in Scotland backs independence – but that can only happen with an SNP government

22 polls in a row reveal that the majority of the people in Scotland now consistently back Scottish independence.

Since January 2020, 24 out of 27 polls had Yes in the lead.

Across Scotland, minds are changing from No to Yes as people realise that Westminster simply doesn’t work for Scotland and we can do better with independence. However, that can only happen with an SNP government.

Make it #BothVotesSNP for #indyref2

This election is our historic opportunity to secure a post-pandemic independence referendum – so on May 6, let’s make it Both Votes SNP to turn it into reality.

The smaller the gap between the SNP constituency vote and list vote, the more likely we are to win a decisive pro-independence majority and secure Scotland’s right to choose.

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