Scotland’s exports: what you need to know

Scotland is one of the strongest economies in the world, with advantages and resources few nations can match.

For centuries, Scotland’s exports have reached every corner of the globe – and our trade performance continues to grow and strengthen.

Here’s five things you need to know about Scotland’s exports.

Scotland’s international exports have increased by 57.2 per cent since the SNP came to office in 2007.

International exports, excluding oil and gas, have increased from £20.6 billion in 2007 to £32.4 billion in 2017. The value of international exports is now growing at a fastest rate since 2011, and is up 6.2 per cent since 2016.

Scotland’s food and drink exports are booming. 

Whether it’s Scottish salmon sold to seafood lovers in Japan or Scotch Beef served up in Italian restaurants – Scotland’s produce is being enjoyed the world-over. Food and drink is the largest industry for international exports, which were worth almost £6 billion in 2017 – up 8.4 per cent on the past year.

Nearly half of all international exports in 2017 were to the EU – we will fight against any extra charges or barriers due to Brexit.

The ease of exporting into the EU benefits Scottish businesses – big and small – across the country. It results in a continued growth in EU exports, which increased by 13.3 per cent on the past year, and provided the majority of the growth in international exports.

If Scotland is dragged out of the EU by an economically illiterate Tory government, our exporters would take the hit and our country would be left poorer for many decades to come.

Our analysis shows that investment in Scotland will fall by around 7.7 per cent by 2030 when compared to full European Union membership, and inevitably almost 7,000 Scottish businesses who export to the EU will face more unnecessary delays and complications. We deserve much better than that.

We will help companies expand through a new national export plan, supported by over £20 million investment.

We’re on the side of growth and innovation, and we want to help Scottish businesses export their products and services to strategic markets.

The new plan, published by spring of this year, will give an additional boost to Scotland’s overseas exports by effectively focusing resources on the markets that have the greatest potential.

We are establishing Innovation and Investment Hubs in Dublin, London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris as part of wider work to support trade, investment, innovation and inter-governmental relations with Europe.

As part of our wider work to support trade, investment, innovation and inter-governmental relations with Europe, we’re expanding Scotland’s international presence and making new connections.

The Hubs provide a platform for collaborative activity to increase exports and attract investment to Scotland.