Re-elect John Mason for Glasgow Shettleston

John Mason – His Personal Story

John Mason has lived in Barlanark for the last 30 years.  He is originally from Rutherglen.  Having worked in accountancy for 20 years – including for a charity in Nepal – he served as a Glasgow Councillor, followed by 2 years as MP for Glasgow East at Westminster. Since 2011, he has been the MSP at Holyrood for this Glasgow Shettleston constituency.

John believes in being as available to constituents as possible. His office is a shop front which is open in normal times Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm; he is also easily contactable by email, phone, or through social media.  He says, “My staff and I will take up any case for anyone.”

Looking after public finances is a big responsibility. John aims to keep costs down by staying in less expensive hotels when he is in Edinburgh. He only made one trip at public expense outside the UK as an MP – to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Education Trust. And he has only made one trip outside Scotland as an MSP – to Dublin with the Finance Committee.

Other interests for John include supporting Clyde FC, camping (in summer!), and being a member of Easterhouse Baptist Church.

Vote for John Mason and the SNP

John Mason counts it a huge privilege to have been MSP for Glasgow Shettleston. He believes in being available and approachable for local residents. That’s why he lives, shops, attends churches, uses the local buses and trains, and eats out in the constituency as much as possible.

He is happy to interact with constituents in whatever way that they prefer – face to face, on the phone or Zoom, by email, in the office, or visiting them at home.

Clearly COVID has been the dominant issue for the last year. Nicola Sturgeon has given excellent leadership; she has been stable, open, and transparent as we have worked our way through what were new problems for every country.

John says, “I have lost count of the number of people who said to me that they are not normally SNP supporters but they very much appreciate what Nicola has done”.

In 2007 the SNP surprised many people by becoming the largest party in Scotland and forming the Government. And the SNP has shown that it is the only party which puts Scotland first. We do not take our orders from London!

SNP achievements since 2007 include:

  • 67,000 new homes for social rent plus another 29,000 affordable homes;
  • Carer’s Allowance and the Scottish Child Payment;
  • Free prescriptions and no university tuition fees;
  • Crime down 45% since 2008/09;
  • Major road and rail investment, including M73, M74 and 5 electrified rail lines between Glasgow and Edinburgh;
  • Special protection for health funding with a record £16 billion in 2021/22.
  • Minimum unit pricing to help tackle our alcohol problem;
  • 958 schools upgraded;
  • Scottish Water remains in public ownership;
  • New woodlands target of 10,000 hectares more than achieved;
  • Votes for 16 and 17 year olds.

The Future

Looking forward, we can have hope. COVID will be suppressed even if not eradicated completely. But we probably do face some tough financial times.

COVID has hit the economy and jobs in all countries and Scotland is no exception. That means that money will be tight for individuals, businesses, other organisations, and for public services.  But the SNP is committed to continuing our investment in the NHS, a national care service, schools, colleges, affordable housing, renewable energy, and greener transport systems.

Of course, the SNP stands for Scottish independence. Scotland is just as able to stand on her own two feet as similar countries like Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, and Finland.

However, this election is not primarily about independence. There would have to be a referendum before that could happen. This election is about which party we trust most to lead Scotland forward. It is about which party leader we trust to be First Minister. And it is about who you want to be your local MSP. We very much hope you will be voting for the SNP and for John Mason on Thursday 6th May.