What is the SNP Scottish Government doing to promote breastfeeding?

We have worked hard to improve already high breastfeeding rates. After the UK-wide Infant Feeding survey was scrapped, the SNP Scottish Government introduced the Scottish Infant Feeding Survey to continue monitoring levels of breastfeeding.

Scotland is the only country in the UK to have specific legislation in place that prevents discrimination against women who breastfeed in public. But we know that legislation alone won’t change attitudes.

We have included guidance for breastfeeding in Scotland’s Baby Box, which all babies in Scotland are now provided with. Scotland’s Baby Box aims to help tackle deprivation, improve health and support parents. You can read more about Scotland’s Baby Box here.

We will develop and implement a Women’s Health Plan aiming to improve services and reduce health inequalities for women and girls. This will include a review of midwifery and health visiting pathways for new families and babies, improving access to practical breastfeeding support.