Only the SNP can get the Tories out of Scotland 

At the last Westminster election, the SNP won the most seats in Scotland. 

The party that came second in both seats and votes was the Tories. Labour only won one single seat. Even the Lib Dems won more seats than Labour. 

Voting Labour in Scotland won’t help get the Tories out in Scotland. In fact, it could help them hold or even win seats. 

At the next Westminster election Scottish seats have been cut to 57. According to projections of how people voted in those seats last time the Tories came first or second in most of them. 

Of the six seats the Tories do hold in Scotland the SNP was in second place in all of them with Labour no-where near winning. Only a vote for the SNP can beat the Tories in those seats. Votes switching from the SNP to Labour will help the Tories to hang on to those seats.

Likewise, in the SNP held seats where the Tories are second, voting Labour increases the risk of the Tories GAINING seats in Scotland. Keir Starmer’s Labour is taking Scotland for granted – assuming the polls are in their favour. But of the 39 Westminster polls for Scotland over the past year they have only been in the lead in 3. 

Even the Scottish Labour leader says polls can’t be taken as what the reality will be. He’s said: “Mandates come from the electorate in an election. They don’t come from pollsters.” 

And as the past two Parliamentary elections have shown the Tories were in second place. 

Also, a Westminster Labour government does not get rid of the Tories for good. 

The sole, single outcome of every Labour government that has been elected is the Tory government that follows it. A Westminster Tory government that, on average, lasts almost twice as long as a Labour one. 

Scotland may not have voted for a Tory government in nearly 70 years – almost a lifetime – but that doesn’t mean they can’t win seats in Scotland that could determine the next UK government.  

In the 2017 election the Tories were 8 seats short of a majority so did a deal with the 10 Northern Ireland unionist MPs. In Scotland the Tories had gained 12 seats of the SNP. If those seats had remained SNP that Tory-Unionist alliance wouldn’t have had a majority. 

Only by voting SNP and independence can Scotland escape the vicious circle of repeated Tory governments Scotland hasn’t vote for in.