Only a vote for the SNP will boost our economy and put Scotland first

I couldn’t have been prouder to read that, under the leadership of our First Minister, John Swinney, there has seen a huge boost in business confidence. It underlines the argument that the SNP has been making for years; that only SNP MPs will speak up for Scottish businesses in Westminster.

It’s the SNP Scottish Government that is fighting to increase productivity, support  local economies and encourage  investment. It’s the SNP which is making Scotland a better place to do business while building a better country. Keir Starmer’s Labour Party should take note – you don’t have to ‘open the door’ to NHS privatisation, sign up to Tory spending plans or embrace a hard Brexit to inspire business confidence. And you certainly don’t have to forsake your progressive values.

Just Imagine how we could deliver for communities and businesses across Scotland if we had the fiscal and monetary levers currently hoarded by Westminster. We’d have to blow the dust off them first, I’d imagine, given there’s been no major change to the economic system of broken Brexit Britain since the policies of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s. 

Scotland suffered more than most with that Conservative legacy, which makes it even more baffling thatSir Keir thinks he can make his lacklustre pitch to Scottish voters while praising her policies. Does he not realise the long shadow those policies cast? Of course he does. He’s an intelligent man.

He’s just taking our votes for granted. A changed Labour Party indeed.

This is simply back to basics for Labour politicians, so it’s little surprise businesses trust the SNP more than Labour.

The latest publication of the Business Barometer from the Bank of Scotland, published on Friday, shows business optimism in Scotland was up by 15 percentage points in May – the joint highest alongside the southeast of England and higher than any other English region and devolved nation across the UK.

In Scotland, confidence in trading was also up 16 points to 60 per cent, while optimism about the performance of the economy lifted by 13 points. This boost is also reflected in hiring intentions, with more firms indicating they planned to add staff over the next 12 months.

This is cast iron proof that Westminster’s outdated ideas don’t deliver for our economy. Scotland’s divergent path – that of a modern, diverse social democratic country – is not only in keeping with our European neighbours but it’s a heck of a lot more successful than what Westminster offers us.

Sunak’s flailing government is out of time – obsessing about national service and demonising vulnerable groups, rather than even attempting to defend their woeful economic record. But Sir Keir isn’t an inspiring alternative. Voters deserve more than lip service which argues for  Tory economics, austerity and a hard Brexit.

New trade barriers with Europe, rising overheads for small businesses and skyrocketing prices for consumers doesn’t sound like economic competence to me, but that’s our reality under Westminster rule. And for my Westminster colleagues, who’ve been speaking up for Scotland for the last five years, I’d wager their constituents agree.

Only the SNP have the vision – and the courage – to talk about real change while all Labour can do is punt empty slogans. If they’re not serious about delivering, their words are as worthless as all the pledges on which they’ve u-turned.

So, while Westminster parties inflict damage on the UK economy with a reckless Brexit, brutal austerity cuts and punitive policies that deter investment – the SNP isloud and clear. We’re backing business, delivering economic growth, and putting Scotland’s interests first.

On July 4th, voting SNP is a vote for boosting the businesses that provide jobs and prosperity for our local communities. It’s a vote for the major economic growth we need  for our towns and cities. It’s a vote for investment in the just transition and our precious industries. It’s a vote to properly tackle the cost of living crisis. 

Only SNP MPs will always stand up for Scotland’s interests and demand the investment – and change – that Scotland needs.