Now Keir Starmer’s Labour threaten Scottish democracy & higher taxes

In the 1997 referendum for a Scottish Parliament – when 74% of voters backed a Scottish Parliament – Labour argued it was essential in order to stop future Westminster Tory governments from imposing policies on Scotland.

Tony Blair said Scotland had been “experimented” upon with the Poll Tax and that a “situation like that should never happen again. It is not democratic. It is not right”, and that such policies should not be “imposed from the centre”.

Gordon Brown described the Tory policies as “alien practices” imposed on Scotland, and that “could not happen under a Scottish Parliament”.

Nearly three decades later and Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is fast abandoning those principles.

Despite Labour’s Scottish leader, Anas Sarwar, claiming he backs a Council Tax freeze, whilst also criticising it, his own council leaders are not only planning to snub Scottish Government funding for a Council Tax freeze – with plans to increase it by up to £515 – but they are asking the Tory government in Westminster to step in and take control:

Naturally the Tories – who Scotland haven’t voted to government in almost 70 years – have jumped at the chance to have more control in Scotland.

Not only is such a call by Scottish Labour politicians denying Scotland’s democratic rights, it would visit mayhem on Scotland’s councils.

In England, where Westminster Tories control council spending grants, they have made devastating cuts over the past 14 years. So much so there are councils who have had their core funding cut by half and a growing number have gone bankrupt:

But it’s not only council leaders in Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour who are threatening Scottish democracy. It’s their MPs and Lords.

Labour MP Michael Shanks has indicated Labour would not reverse a Tory veto on Holyrood legislation – despite Labour MSPs backing the those laws – and at the Scottish Labour conference Ian Murray suggested Scottish Government overseas offices would be curtailed.

Then there’s Labour Lord George Foulkes and his recurring campaign to stop the Scottish Parliament spending money on constitutional matters, despite voting for that himself in 2007. A campaign Labour MP Ian Murray has added his support to.

But the Scottish Labour leader has not proactively repudiated them. Instead his only pronouncement has been to vaguely talk about “resetting Scottish devolution“. A vague expression that could hide a myriad of intentions.

The signs are there and the evidence shows Labour no longer care about devolution – only power at Westminster.

Only one party is strong enough to defend and protect Scottish democracy from Labour tax rises and Tory cuts – the SNP. And only independence can guarantee Scotland’s Parliament and people are protected from the policies of the Westminster parties.