Major new poll finds majority of Scots back independence

A new Lord Ashcroft poll published this morning by Holyrood Magazine shows 52 per cent of Scots back independence, with a majority also favouring a referendum before 2021.

Of those who voted to Remain in Europe in 2016, 59 per cent would vote Yes if an independence referendum were to be held tomorrow. There has also been a change of heart amongst those who voted No to independence in 2014.

Of those who voted No in 2014, 20 per cent would back Yes if a referendum were held tomorrow – and more than a quarter believe Scotland remaining in Europe is more important than Scotland staying in the Union.

In 2016 Scotland voted by 62 per cent to Remain in Europe. According to this new poll, that number has now risen to 67 per cent.

Other interesting results are that, excluding undecideds, 40 per cent of Labour voters in Scotland now support independence. The Ashcroft poll also found that support for independence is over 60 per cent among those aged 18-49.

The poll demonstrates that Tory plans to block a fresh independence referendum are undemocratic and completely unsustainable.

As the crisis in UK politics deepens and the prospect of a No Deal Brexit approaches, support for independence could grow even greater over the coming months.

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