Ignoring Brexit is ignoring the cost-of-living and economy

It was a week when the effects of Brexit on the cost-of-living and the economy came into focus. Brexit – a key reason why there is a cost-of-living crisis and stagnating economy.

The First Minister was talking about it:

Broadcasters such as the BBC and Sky News reported it. It was in the Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Independent, and The i. It was even in the Daily Mail.

The Financial Times was particularly exercised by it – not just once, not twice, but three times.

New media like The New EuropeanByline Times and POLITICO were on the case:

Farmers and business had noticed; as did grocerscaterers and the food industry in general.

Local papers were informing readers in Walessouth-west EnglandTeessideLondon and the south-east of England.

And it was being reported to an international audience in America and Europe.

So why didn’t the Westminster government and its official opposition ignore these latest Brexit problems and their impact on the cost-of-living and economy?

Because they don’t want you to connect these problems with Brexit.

Everyone knows it was the Tories who implemented it and imposed it on Scotland which strongly voting against it; every local authority area in Scotland voted against Brexit.

The leader of the supposedly pro-EU Liberal Democrats has said that rejoining was ‘for the birds‘, despite their Scottish leader promising they would become the ‘party of re-entry‘ after Brexit happened. They haven’t.

As for Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour, just like with so many policies, they have adopted the Tory position to appeal to right-wing voters in England:

By ignoring Brexit, Sir Keir’s Labour is ignoring a key source of the cost-of-living crisis and economic problems. He isn’t offering hope or change. He is offering more of the same.

He is taking Scotland for granted and thinks Scots will just meekly accept Brexit. That you will just give in to Westminster. The Westminster parties’ conspiracy of silence on the effects of Brexit aim to take away hope.

But Scotland doesn’t have to accept this.

The SNP stands for rejoining the EU. A vote for the SNP is a vote to reverse this damaging policy for Scotland and to really tackle the cost-of-living crisis and repair the economy.

The choice at the next election is a continuation of broken Brexit Britain with repeated cost-of-living crisis or a New Scotland in the world’s largest single market.

So if you want to escape Brexit and return to the largest single economic market in the world, vote for the SNP.