If Labour can’t stand up for their principles, they won’t be able to stand up for Rutherglen and Hamilton West

Damning new figures have revealed how many households in Rutherglen and Hamilton West are affected by the toxic Two-Child Cap.

The policy, which the Labour Party supports, affects a total of 1,620 children in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, with 320 children not considered eligible for Universal Credit child element due to the policy, and 180 children not considered eligible for child tax credits.

The shocking statistics, obtained by the Child Poverty Action Group, should serve as a reminder of how urgently this policy needs to be scrapped, but warned appeals will only fall on deaf ears in the Labour Party.

These figures just go to show how broken the Labour Party’s priorities are, that they won’t find the money to lift children out of poverty who’ve been placed there by a callous Tory policy.

Sir Keir Starmer is consigning thousands of families in Scotland to poverty by making the political choice to keep the Tory two child cap, having decided alongside Sunak that tackling poverty and helping families is not a priority for them.

He is so focused on scrambling his way to Downing Street that he’s happily embracing the worst of Tory policies and hanging Scots out to dry.These are figures that should serve as a reminder to those opposed to Tory austerity how desperately we must work to overturn the two child cap, but this will only fall on deaf ears in Keir Starmer’s pro-Brexit Labour Party.

It’s crystal clear that the SNP is the only major party in Scotland that stands against Westminster’s Thatcherite economics. Scotland has rejected these policies before, and always will.

With the full powers of independence Scotland can scrap the two child cap and go further to eradicate poverty for good while we build an economy that works for everyone.

Only by voting SNP can we secure independence, and ensure we’re rid of damaging Westminster governments for good.