From tackling homelessness to boosting our economy: the SNP stands ready to deliver

Despite the petty politics of opposition parties, the SNP is determined to double down on delivering for people right across Scotland.

Your SNP Scottish Government has announced a reallocation of £80 million towards the housing budget as part of a bold intervention to tackle homelessness and boost affordable housing.

These efforts will boost Scotland’s affordable housing supply by acquiring empty properties and bringing them back into use, helping to reduce the blight of homelessness and child poverty.

The funding, announced by First Minister Humza Yousaf on a visit to Hillcrest Housing Association’s Derby Street development in Dundee, will increase the Affordable Housing Supply Programme budget to nearly £600 million in 2024-2025.

Affordable housing has never been more essential in Scotland’s efforts to tackle child poverty and reduce inequalit and this investment will help reduce the time spent by those without homes in temporary accommodation, including by children.

Acquiring existing properties is one of the most cost-effective ways the Scottish Government can increase the availability of affordable housing as a fast past to reduce homelessness.

Despite the pressures put on Scotland’s budget by a deeply damaging Westminster parliament, your SNP government is meeting these pressures head on.

Expanding access to affordable housing also supports jobs and the economy – particularly local economies, where affordable housing increases disposable income to boost local businesses and services.

In a statement, the First Minister Humza Yousaf said; “Despite cuts to our core budget by the UK Government, we have been able to increase this year’s Affordable Housing Supply Programme by £40 million. This funding of an additional £80 million over two years builds on the success of our National Acquisition Programme which I announced last year, which spent more than £60 million and delivered more than 1,000 affordable homes.”

This is just one of a number of actions the SNP are prioritising to help to reduce the number of households in temporary accommodation. We will also accelerate discussion with COSLA in relation to the number of local authority void properties.

Bold, decisive action to tackle the big issues has never been more urgent – and it requires the kind of mature, sober, pragmatic politics that opposition parties have shown themselves to be incapable of, time and time again.

While opposition politicians are scrambling for the spotlight and ignoring the big issues, only your SNP Scottish Government can be trusted to deliver and always put Scotland first.