Delivering progress: first 100 days of this SNP Government

100 days on from the formation of this SNP Scottish Government, we have already taken bold steps to build a fairer, greener and more equal Scotland.

Our immediate priority has been steering Scotland out of the Covid pandemic, and as Covid still remains a present and real danger, we’ll keep focusing on keeping Scotland safe.

In 100 days, we’ve met 80 commitments set out by the First Minister in May, driving a sustainable recovery and delivering progress for people, families and communities who need it most.

Here’s what we’ve achieved.

Leading Scotland out of the pandemic

  • Offered the Covid vaccine to all adults
  • Launched the vaccination programme for 16-17 year olds
  • Moved through the Covid protection levels to reopen our society
  • Took steps to establish a Covid-19 public inquiry to learn lessons for the future

Supporting our NHS and care services

  • Implemented a 3% pay rise for NHS medical and dental staff – ensuring NHS workers continue to be best paid in the UK
  • Published an NHS Recovery Plan to increase NHS activity by 10%
  • Opened three fast-track cancer diagnostic centres in Ayrshire & Arran, Fife, and Dumfries & Galloway
  • Published the Women’s Health Plan to tackle health inequalities for women – making Scotland the first country in the UK to do so
  • Removed NHS dental charges for all under-26s
  • Took steps to make hospital parking free at all NHS hospitals
  • Established the Young Patients Family Fund
  • Paved the way towards establishing a National Care Service
  • Secured a £10,000 bursary for Scottish student paramedics

Growing our economy, creating jobs

  • Appointed an Advisory Council to work on an ambitious 10-year plan for economic transformation
  • Invested £70 million in youth employment through our Young Person’s Guarantee
  • Funded colleges to deliver 5,000 more short, industry-focussed courses
  • Delivered a £20 million fund to upskill and retrain people into new careers
  • Set up a new Green Jobs Workforce Academy
  • Launched the £25 million fund to help businesses enhance their digital capacity
  • Supported Scotland’s tourism sector with Covid recovery with £25 million investment
  • Launched the £10 million Scotland Loves Local fund to help transform towns and neighbourhoods
  • Set up a new Living Hours Accreditation Scheme to promote fair working hours
  • Created a £750,000 touring fund to support Scotland’s musicians, artists and venues

Supporting families and young people

  • Delivered additional £50 million to recruit 1,000 new teachers and 500 pupil support assistants
  • Rolled out a £20 million programme of summer activities for children
  • Invested £215 million to help close the poverty-related attainment gap
  • Published the OECD review of Curriculum for Excellence and began work to implement its recommendations
  • Abolished fees for music and arts tuition in schools
  • Increased Best Start Foods funding to £4.50 per week
  • Completed the roll-out of 1,140 hours of free, high-quality childcare
  • Increased the School Clothing Grant to at least £120 per primary and £150 per secondary pupil

Tackling the climate crisis

  • Appointed a Minister of Just Transition
  • Published Scotland’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) setting out how we reach net zero by 2045
  • Delivered £10 million to restore nature and improve biodiversity
  • Increased funding for local heat and energy efficiency projects
  • Announced a £22 million fund to restore more of Scotland’s peatlands
  • Invested £16.5 million in the Net Zero Technology Centre to focus on emissions reduction
  • Announced six pilot projects to offer free bicycles for school-age children who cannot afford one
  • Legislated for free bus travel across Scotland for all under-22s from 31 January 2022
  • Launched a consultation to help shape the Scottish Government’s first ever local food strategy

Building a fairer, more equal Scotland

  • Started work on a Minimum Income Guarantee by establishing a steering group
  • Paid out £100 as part of the £520 support we will provide for low-income families
  • Supported projects to tackle social isolation and loneliness
  • Provided healthier free school lunches for more than 90,000 children
  • Legislated to double the Carers’ Allowance Supplement this winter
  • Delivered additional funding to tackle violence against women and girls
  • Launched a consultation to address depopulation on Scotland’s islands
  • Increased funding for affordable homes by over £540 million

In the first 100 days of the SNP Scottish Government, we have taken bold and serious steps to deliver progress and improve the lives of people across Scotland.

Of course, with the full powers of an independent country we could do so much more – with Scotland no longer being tied to damaging Tory Westminster governments, taking our country in the wrong direction.

That’s why it’s essential that people in Scotland have the choice over our future – and once the Covid crisis has passed, they will have that choice.

Here are 3 things you can do today to take the independence campaign forward.

1. Pledge your support for independence if you haven’t already.
2. Read the informative YES leaflet and share it with 5 friends or family.
3. Download, print and share pro-independence materials.