Find out how we’re building the case for Scottish independence

SNP members have agreed that page one, line one, of the SNP’s Westminster manifesto will feature the following simple and powerful statement:

Vote SNP for Scotland to become an independent country.

The Scottish Government has now published 7 robust, evidence-based Independence papers answering many of the key questions. The papers and summary explainers can be read here and here.We’ve set out key nation-building policies, starting with sterling, and transitioning to the Scottish pound. And how we plan to use our voice on the international stage by being a member of the EU in a paper published today that you can read here.We’ve explained how we aim to boost the Scottish economy, enhance workers’ rights, harness renewables, and establish a £20 billion investment fund with independence powers.And we’ve illustrated how we can boost our public services and economy with migration and asylum policies, including a constitution affirming your rights as a Scottish citizen.Over the summer we’ve distributed over 750,000 independence leaflets to homes in communities across Scotland.We’ve also created a purpose built Yes website and social media channels to inform the public and to provide you with the tools you need to share our positive vision.

Over half a million people have now signed the Yes pledge.The Yes social media channels have the largest following out of any online independence campaign platform on Facebook, already surpassing the following of Scottish Labour, Scottish Tories and both their leaders. Make sure you’ve followed the accounts on FacebookTwitterThreadsInstagram and TikTok, so that you can share content with your friends, family and followers.We have further campaign materials in the works, including new leaflets, downloadable campaign materials and new online Q&A platform for voters and our activists to keep informed with the latest information.Now, more than ever, it’s vital you share our positive vision for Scotland. The future of our nation is on the line. Contact your local SNP branch to get involved if you are not doing so already, they will welcome your contribution.Thank you for all your efforts and continued support.