Factcheck: the Tory promises to shipyard workers on the Clyde

Scottish shipyards have been sold down the river by the Tories.

During the independence referendum, the Tory government promised that 13 new Type 26 frigates would be built on the Clyde.

A new frigate factory was set to be built too.

But in 2015, 13 frigates become eight.

As a consolation, a new promise was made for five general purpose frigates.

In February 2017, the frigate factory was dropped.

Now, the order for the additional general purpose frigates could go elsewhere too. In fact, a new £1 billion order for three Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships is already going out to full international tender. This is despite UK government claims in 2012 that, “No British warship has been built in a foreign country for the last 50 years and we do not intend to start doing that now.”

And so far, contracts for just three ships have been signed.

It’s clear that the Tories cannot be trusted on shipbuilding.