Diane Abbott’s case raises serious questions about Starmer’s judgement

It was a proud moment when in October last year, a full conference hall of SNP members got to their feet to applaud Diane Abbott. As the UK’s first black female MP, she has been a trailblazer for so many women and people of colour.

The racism she faced last year from a Tory donor was sickening to voters throughout the UK. But instead of standing by her, a devoted Labour member who has given thirty seven years of her life to serving as a Labour MP, Starmer dithered and delayed over allowing her back into the party while at the same time sending fundraising emails to Labour members in a grubby, money-grabbing move.

Is this the standard to which we should hold a potential prime minister?

Diane Abbott has been barred from standing – along with other progressive MPs in what is shaping up to be ideological purge. There is no excuse for the farce that has been the so-called investigation into her.

Sir Keir has treated her appallingly – and his shameful handling of this mess raises serious questions about his judgement. How can he fix the nation’s finances, rebuild our relationship with Europe and tackle the climate, housing and cost of living crises, if he can’t even navigate a candidate selection issue?

It’s now up to Labour to fix this scandal – the party’s NEC will either overrule Labour members who voted to choose Abbott as their MP, or they’ll cave and admit they were wrong.

All eyes are now on Sir Keir Starmer. Will he show a shred of decency? Or will he prove that his government will be as chaotic and scandal-ridden as the successive Tory ones that came before?

Scotland knows better. Either way, voters here know that only the SNP will stand by Scottish communities and put Scotland’s interests first.