Day One at #SNP19

SNP Autumn Conference got underway today in Aberdeen – and it’s one of our biggest ever.

The morning began with First Minister and SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon being interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show, where she emphasised the need for Scotland to find an alternative to Brexit and become an independent country.

Conference also got off to a buoyant start with the release of a new poll, showing 50% of Scots now back independence. The poll confirmed that any future Yes campaign would start off on a good footing.

In the afternoon, Ian Blackford MP, the SNP’s leader in Westminster, delivered a Welcoming Address to conference. Blackford highlighted Scotland’s opposition to Boris Johnson’s Brexit fiasco, and reaffirmed the SNP’s commitment to delivering independence through a referendum of the highest democratic standard.

Read Ian Blackford’s full speech to conference here.

In the afternoon, conference discussed topical resolutions on climate justice, drug policy, the environmental impact of the Ministry  of Defence, saving post offices and ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

The session ended with a lively Brexit Q&A, featuring Michael Russel MSP, Joanna Cherry MP and Alyn Smith MEP. The three speakers spoke about their experiences from their three respective parliaments: Holyrood, Westminster and the European Parliament. Alyn Smith indicated there had been a change of mood in European attitudes towards Scottish independence, and that Scotland would be welcomed with open arms.