Complete correspondence between SNP and Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group

On 7th February 2016, we contacted a company called Cambridge Analytica to find out more about their services.

Chris Jones had a ping pong of emails and calls to set up the meeting at their Mayfair HQ. Meetings don’t happen by magic.

Our alarm bells started to ring when Cambridge Analytica sent us a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign from a company called SCL Elections Limited. It was odd in the sense it came from a completely different company from that which we had been corresponding with. We started asking the same questions everyone else is asking now. We didn’t sign it.

The SNP will be sending this Non Disclosure Agreement to the Information Commissioner.

View the full Non Disclosure Agreement from SCL Elections Limited.

Kirk Torrance went to the meeting at the firm’s Mayfair HQ on 18th February 2016.

He reported back his verdict:

We didn’t want to tell them what we really thought, so we let them down gently – by ignoring their emails.

But, they kept emailing and calling – we still didn’t reply and they wouldn’t take the hint.

The fact remains the same. The SNP have never worked with Cambridge Analytica, used any of their services or paid them a penny.

With the publication of these documents, it’s time the focus turns to unearthing the plethora of Tory ties to Cambridge Analytica, SCL Elections, and AggregateIQ.

The SNP is the only party to have been up front, the other parties now need to come clean about Cambridge Analytica’s continuing assertion to have ‘spoken with representatives of every major UK political party’.

The complete correspondence is available here.