Building A New Scotland: EU Membership

Joining the European Union as an independent nation would provide significant advantages for you and for Scotland.

Both Tories and Labour are happy to impose a disastrous and damaging Brexit on Scotland, which the UK Government’s own financial watchdog thinks will cut national income by 4% compared with EU membership – wiping around £100 billion from the UK economy and leaving each of us on average earnings £1,300 a year worse off.

Here’s why EU membership is important for people and businesses:

Thanks to being part of the world’s largest single market, you would enjoy more product choices for the best prices.

As a Scottish citizen and an EU citizen, you would have a right to live, visit, study and work freely in any EU member state without burdensome paperwork.

You would have the right to equal access to healthcare if you fall sick or have an accident while travelling in the EU. You would also be able to use your driving licence throughout the EU.

When assessing your career options, you could take advantage of the Erasmus+ scheme to study abroad and develop your language skills.

The EU would provide more job choices, with your professional qualifications being recognised throughout.

And your rights would be protected by EU law, benefiting from guaranteed minimum working conditions and protected social security rights.

As a business, you would be part of the world’s largest single market with almost 450 million consumers, compared to the UK’s 67 million.

Checks on goods between Scotland and the EU would be removed, and measures would be put in place to smooth checks required as a result of Brexit on goods moving to and from England and Wales.

Online selling would be cheaper, easier and safer throughout the EU, with better protection for businesses.

Businesses would have the same opportunities as other member states to access EU funding, such as support for agriculture, infrastructure, regional economic development and guaranteed participation in projects such as Horizon Europe, which supports research and innovation.

In Scotland, we have a choice to remain part of the broken Westminster political system that acts against your interests or become an independent nation where we regain the benefits of EU membership and work together with EU member states and the UK on the big challenges ahead.