Building a fairer Scotland: Humza Yousaf’s first 100 days

The SNP Scottish Government is fully committed to building a new Scotland based on the principles of equality, opportunity and community.

That’s why we’re driving ahead with our mission to reduce poverty, improve Scotland’s public services, and build a fairer, greener and thriving economy.

Here’s all you need to know about First Minister Humza Yousaf’s first 100 days delivering for Scotland.

Tackling poverty and protecting people people from the Tory-inflicted cost-of-living crisis

  • Supported over 300,000 children with the ‘game-changing’ Scottish Child Payment – making a transformative difference and lifting an estimated 50,000 children out of poverty by the end of 2024.
  • Tripled the Fuel Insecurity Fund £30 million – helping to protect families across Scotland with pressures of soaring energy cost inflicted by this Tory cost-of-living crisis.
  • Hosted landmark Anti-Poverty summit attended by coalition of Scotland’s leading charities and delivered on the Scottish Government’s major Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan – committing £3 billion to prevent 90,000 children from falling into poverty.
  • Leading the UK in tackling poverty at source by developing our plan to enhance food security and end the need for foodbanks.

Building a fairer, growing, and more just economy for Scotland’s future

  • £17.5 million to help establish Scotland as one of Europe’s leading start-up economies, because a strong and thriving economy is central to Scotland becoming that wealthier, fairer country we all want to see.
  • Published a National Innovation Strategy to make Scotland one of the most innovative small countries in the world.
  • Realising Scotland’s manufacturing potential by driving economic prosperity through Scotland’s own National Manufacturing Institute.
  • Working with our dynamic businesses in Scotland to ensure they have room to build and grow, we’ve established the New Deal for Business Group to strengthen collaboration between government and the private sector.

By ensuring we empower people through Scotland’s just transition, we can tackle the climate crisis and build a greener, cleaner Scotland

  • Scotland was among the first countries in the world to declare the climate emergency. Our unwavering mission to tackle climate change remains at the heart of our vision for Scotland’s just transition.
  • Invested £25 million to support the Just Transition across the North East, delivering on our vow to make the region a powerhouse of renewable energy in the transition away from fossil fuels.
  • Committed to designating at least one new national park in Scotland by 2026 and investing £1 million in skills and training to boost woodland creation – protecting our cherished natural environment for future generations.
  • £7 million invested in projects aimed to drive innovation in the production, storage and distribution of renewable hydrogen.

We’re investing record amounts in our NHS to build a health service fit for modern Scotland

  • We’re determined to strengthen Scotland’s health service with record high investment – at £19 billion, with resource funding more than doubling (in cash terms) since the SNP came into power 2007.
  • Launched a a new ten-year Cancer Strategy that is to improve cancer survival and ensure equitable and accessible cancer care for all, alongside investing a further £9 million in cancer support services.
  • Awarded more than £15m to a range of projects supporting people affected by problem substance use.
  • Investing a further £15 million to support mental health and address social isolation and loneliness in adults, as part of our published strategy to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people across Scotland.
  • Investing £1.8 million to help in reducing outpatient waiting lists, improving access to timely care, and enhancing patient satisfaction. Alongside £1m of support for GP practices to help tackle health inequalities.

Delivering education system that is right for Scotland’s young people

  • Announced an additional £15 million to support families with free school age childcare.
  • Confirmed a further £1.3 billion investment for the Scottish Child Payment over the next three years.
  • Invested £4 million in Gaelic education and community initiatives.
  • Introduced a ten-year plan to drive innovation in universities and colleges, including a £5.5million increase in the 2023-24 University Innovation Fund.
  • We’ve abolished fees for music tuition in schools and are investing £9.5 million grant for the Youth Music Initiative, supporting Scotland’s young musicians to achieve their music-making potential.

Defending Scotland’s democracy from Westminster’s powergrab

The SNP Scottish Government will always uphold the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament and defend devoliution.

It is clear that the Scottish Parliament is under attack from Westminster.

We have seen Scotland’s devolution seriously undermined since Brexit and the will of the Scottish Parliament ignored on no-less than nine occasions from Westminster’s refusal to support Scottish access to the European Single Market to their unprecedented use of Section 35 on devolved legislation.

This pattern of undemocratic behaviour by the UK Government has to stop. The SNP is the only party standing up to protect Scotland’s democracy and offering a real alternative to Westminster control – with independence.

We will continue to stand up for Scottish democracy in the months ahead, but ultimately, the only way to properly protect Scotland’s democracy is to become an independent country and escape Westminster control for good.

Hands off Scotland’s powers! from theSNP on Vimeo.