Brexit-obsessed Labour are out of touch with Scotland

A new poll has revealed that 70% of voters in Scotland agree that Brexit has been a total and complete failure.

The news comes as little surprise when Westminster’s disastrous Brexit has seen the UK suffer from a declining economy, a workers’ shortage, a fall in living standards and increasing food prices.

Even Nigel Farage has admitted that Brexit has been a failure with people across the UK becoming poorer as a result of Westminster’s failure.

Yet with all the evidence of the Scottish public’s desire to re-join the European Union, both Labour and the Tories remain firmly wedded to their failed Brexit vision which continues to be absolutely devastating for businesses and households.

This is despite the fact, polling also found a massive 80% of voters in Scotland agree that the Westminster government has handled Brexit badly and that only 6% of people in Scotland believe Brexit has been a success.

The results demonstrate how out of touch Keir Starmer’s pro-Brexit Labour party are with voters in Scotland, as they continue to line up behind the Tories in promoting the virtues of a damaging Brexit that’s hammered Scotland’s economy.

Westminster has made a total mess of Brexit, dragging Scotland out of the world’s largest single market, that’s eight times the size of the UK, against its will. That’s the cost of Westminster democracy in action.

With Labour and the Tories indistinguishable, the SNP are the only party offering voters in Scotland a route to escape the mess of Brexit and re-join the EU with the full powers of independence.