Boris Johnson’s ‘nobody told me’ party defence slammed as ludicrous

Boris Johnson’s latest defence for the growing list of Covid rule-breaching parties in Downing Street is that “nobody told” him that a drink-fuelled garden party during lockdown was “against the rules”.

His defence is utterly staggering and is taking the public for fools with these increasingly ludicrous excuses – but the public will not be fooled by this corrupt Prime Minister or UK Tory government.

The Prime Minister stood at the Downing Street podium at his countless briefings setting out the rules that everyone else had to follow.

But he is now seriously expecting people to believe that he didn’t actually know the rules he set, as pressure builds after he finally admitted that he attended the lockdown-breaking boozy party.

This isn’t so much Operation Red Meat as it is Operation Dead Meat for Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister’s former Chief Advisor, who was in post at the time Boris Johnson broke the law, has said he is willing to testify under oath that Johnson was warned about the Downing St party – which he not only allowed to go ahead but attended as well and then lied to Parliament about.

The Tory government is engulfed in scandal which isn’t simply going to go away.

Tory MPs must decide how much longer they are willing to cover for a man who is so clearly unfit for office. And Scottish Tory MPs must decide whose side they are on – the public’s or Boris Johnson’s?