Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal: what you need to know

Boris Johnson has announced a Brexit deal that will be profoundly damaging for Scotland, will take Scotland out of the EU against our will and is economically even worse than Theresa May’s deal.

Boris Johnson – who doesn’t even have a mandate to be Prime Minister – has no mandate for Brexit from the Scottish people. SNP MPs cannot vote for this deal and will not vote for this deal.

Here’s what you need to know about Boris Johnson’s unacceptable Brexit deal.

1) Every nation of the UK has had their voice respected – apart from Scotland

Boris Johnson’s deal will see every part of the UK get what it wants, except Scotland. Wales and England will get the Brexit they vote for, and Northern Ireland will be given a unique deal giving them a closer relationship to the EU.

Whereas Scotland’s vote to remain will be ignored and dragged out of the European Union by Boris Johnson and the Westminster Parliament.

It cannot be right that Scotland’s constructive proposals for compromise have been dismissed out of hand, while Northern Ireland receives preferential treatment with access to the single market.

We support all efforts to ensure peace and stability on the island of Ireland, but it is an outrage that Northern Ireland will have its unique circumstances respected, and Scotland’s voice has been completely ignored. Scotland voted to remain in the European Union and that must be respected.

2) It puts Scotland at a competitive disadvantage

The special treatment proposed for Northern Ireland, in which it would partly remain in the EU single market and customs union, puts Scotland’s businesses at a serious competitive disadvantage – hurting Scottish exporters and potentially curbing investment.

Following the Brexit vote, the Scottish Government’s compromise proposals – in which Scotland would remain in the single market and the customs union – were completely ignored by the Tories, despite our overwhelming vote to Remain.

Scotland’s economy must not pay the price of Boris Johnson’s intransigence and ideological obsession with a hard Brexit.

3) Brexit will damage Scotland’s economy

These proposals are not much more than a rehash of Theresa May’s Brexit deal – one that Boris Johnson himself had repeatedly voted against. If it wasn’t good enough then, why would it be good enough now? The simple answer is – it’s not.

The disastrous impact of the deal remains unchanged – as the Scottish Government’s analysis showed, it would leave each person in Scotland £1,600 worse off, while also resulting in a 3.9% cut to the UK’s GDP over 15 years, when compared to remaining in the EU.

What’s more, it would slash hard-won rights such as freedom of movement, robbing the people of Scotland of the opportunities to live, work and study across the European Union, as well as harming our public services.

4) Scotland has been completely ignored

In June 2016, Scotland voted decisively in favour of our EU membership, with every single one of the 32 local authority areas voting Remain.

Since then, Westminster has dismissed the votes of the Scottish Parliament at every turn, explicitly ignored Scotland’s economic and social interests, with the Scottish Government left out of negotiations – all at a time while the DUP have had a front seat.
This is unacceptable, and SNP MPs will not vote for this disastrous deal.

The Tories’ attitude towards Scotland, with Boris Johnson intent on imposing an extreme Brexit against our will, has torn any pretence of the Union as a “partnership of equals” into shreds.

It’s clearer than ever before that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests is by becoming an independent country at the heart of Europe. Join us and and pledge your support for independence – together, we can build a stronger, fairer and more equal Scotland.