A better future for Glasgow – how the SNP are delivering for Scotland’s biggest city

From weathering the pandemic to fighting through Westminster’s cost of living crisis, Glasgow has had its fair share of challenges the past few years. The SNP is proud to lead Glasgow City Council and has a strong vision for the city’s future.

Whether it’s our cherished hospitality industry or our innovative businesses, our resilient retail sector or our thriving nightlife economy, Glasgow has so much potential. But that potential can only be unleashed with the right leadership.

Despite delusional criticism from Keir Starmer’s man in Scotland, Anas Sarwar, Labour’s Scottish branch office has no plans for the city and no long term economic strategy. When Labour last ran the Council, they left behind a legacy of neglect and misrule.

It’s clear only the SNP are up to the challenge of delivering for Glasgow, addressing its unique challenges and safeguarding its diverse economy. Here, we break down the SNP’s plans for Glasgow and some of the progress we’ve made so far.

Delivering for our children and young people

Children in Glasgow are regularly securing record positive outcomes in their studies and evidence suggests the SNP’s measures to close the attainment gap are working. Glasgow’s SNP have also ensured they’ve been at the forefront of free school meals expansion and the roll out 1,120 hours of free childcare.

While Labour intensifies its pursuit of Tory policies like the benefit cap, delivering for vulnerable families is at the heart of the SNP’s mission in Glasgow.

The SNP also recently secured extended funding for an ‘invaluable’ project in the city that helps to protect women and young people from domestic abuse.

The Council’s ongoing investment in youth groups and activities, that have a proven record of alleviating poverty, is also seeing results for the city’s most vulnerable families. The SNP-run council also recently approved a funding package of more than £4 million to upgrade the city’s vital playparks and recreation areas.

Investing in our infrastructure

From completing renovations of Queen Street Station to securing the night time bus routes, the SNP are delivering on infrastructure and transport.

The SNP in Glasgow are determined to invest in making Glasgow a more connected and sustainable city. In June, an £8.6 million funding boost was awarded to the Council’s active travel plans, increasing sustainable travel throughout the city and upgrading existing infrastructure.

The SNP has taken more steps to deliver the proposed Clyde Metro, an expanded network of light and heavy rail to connect the city centre with its surrounding areas. In addition to greatly improving Glasgow’s transport network and connectivity, the Metro would harness Glasgow’s potential and boost the regional economy.

Securing the city’s economy

Whether it’s Glasgow’s music scene, thriving night time economy or the success of events like COP26 or the inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships, the city has a talent for making headlines and hosting major events.

Glasgow’s regional economy is increasingly one of the UK’s most diverse and competitive, with new and innovative sectors continuing to emerge and grow with others performing strongly. The city is 4th in the UK in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), ahead of other major economic centres such as Belfast, Leeds, Cardiff and the Liverpool City Region.

As well as providing our workforce of tomorrow with the skills needed by our emerging green economy, we also promote Glasgow and its workers to investors and businesses.

But safeguarding the city’s regional economy in these difficult times will demand more than the complacency and inaction offered by Labour in Scotland. The retail industry previously provided the city with a core economic base, but in these difficult times and changing economic circumstances, a new, bold vision is required.

The SNP has ambition for the future of Glasgow’s economy, attracting talent and business to Scotland’s largest city. This includes a vision for Glasgow’s ‘golden Z’ in the city centre; Argyle, Buchanan and Sauchiehall Streets.

Additionally, funding has been secured for the next ‘Avenue’ project, with a focus on regenerating Sauchiehall Precinct and Cambridge Street Avenue.

Reasonable labour and property costs make Glasgow one of the most competitive and affordable locations for business and FDI in the UK, especially with Scotland remaining the most attractive UK location for FDI outside London.

While Scottish Labour politicians frequently use buzzwords like ‘innovation’ when sniping from the sidelines; the SNP is focused on delivering in Glasgow and only an ambitious economic strategy can provide a wealthier, fairer future for the city’s residents.

Powering ahead with the city’s regeneration

The SNP are serious about Glasgow thriving as a great European city, with the infrastructure and economy to match.

Thousands of affordable homes are planned for the years ahead, prioritising low and zero carbon homes with low-cost heating systems ahead of the Scottish Government target for zero carbon emissions heating systems in new homes from 2024.

Ambitious regeneration plans have been prepared for Cowcaddens, Learning Quarter, Merchant City and Townhead.

With an estimated 20% of city centre buildings left empty in the wake of the pandemic, it’s clear that there is a challenge ahead that can only be solved with the right plan; one with people, investment and vision at its heart.

A £250 million project to regenerate Sighthill is the biggest of its kind outside London, delivering up to 650 new homes, a road bridge and public square, and an additional plan for commercial and educational facilities.

Labour’s crusade against Glasgow must come to an end

If Labour’s branch office in Scotland really care about Glasgow then they need stop talking it down – denigrating the city may help their electoral chances but it does nothing to attract business and investment to the centre.

In fact, pillorying the city’s progress on everything from transport to housing, just to suit their own political message, could leave lasting damage on how the city is seen by the business community.

And with Labour’s pro-Brexit, rightward lurch, only the SNP in Glasgow are left standing against the Thatcherite economics that inflicted so much harm on the city and its people.

The SNP is determined to be a coalition of champions for Glasgow, fighting for Glaswegians in both the Scottish and UK Parliaments and delivering real results for them on the council.

Unlike Labour in Scotland, who see Glasgow’s residents as a talking point, the SNP is serious about delivering a brighter, better future for them and the amazing, vibrant city they call home.