5 reasons why you should register to vote

1. Giving the Scottish people a choice about their future

Scotland’s future stands at a crossroads. Either Scotland’s future is decided for us by an increasingly out-of-touch and hardline Tory government at Westminster – or we take Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands and become an independent nation, playing our full part in the European and international community.

At this election, we’re putting Scotland’s right to decide front and centre of our campaign. Whoever gets the keys to Number 10 will receive a call for a Section 30 order for a fresh referendum on independence.

2. Locking the Tories out of Number 10

The SNP are the main contenders in every one of the 13 Tory seats in Scotland. Only a vote for the SNP can lock the Tories out of power. Replacing Boris Johnson’s MPs with SNP MPs would send the strongest of messages – that Scotland doesn’t stand for a hardline Tory Brexit.

Many of Scotland’s seats are the tightest contests in the UK. The SNP is the main contender in every seat held by another party. At the last election the SNP won one seat by just 2 votes – every vote really does count.

3. Speaking up for Scotland’s vote to Remain in Europe

Every single local authority area in Scotland voted to Remain in the EU, yet Scotland is being dragged out against our will. The SNP is by far the strongest Remain party in Scotland, and has a track-record of making Scotland’s voice heard loud and clear in the House of Commons.

At this election, we’re standing for up for our vision of an independent Scotland in Europe.

4. Holding the Westminster parties to account

The outcome of this election is unpredictable, but if there’s a hung parliament with no Labour or Tory majority it could be the SNP that holds the balance of power.

Both Labour and the Tories are willing to see Scotland dragged out of Europe against our will. And both have the same attitude to Scotland – that our voices don’t matter. Returning SNP MPs to Westminster gives Scotland the strongest possible voice at Westminster.

5. Protecting Scotland’s NHS from a trade deal with Donald Trump

Boris Johnson has been clear about his desire for a post-Brexit trade deal with Donald Trump. That poses a threat to vital services such as our NHS.

The SNP is determined to do all we can to stop the Tories – or anyone else – from entering into a deal which could push up the prices of medication or open up the NHS to privatisation.

Register to vote today at registertovote.scot